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    The video is fake, Americans don't even have 4 cylinder engines.
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    Was more customisaton to get without the stripe, this way racecarAF Its a Mewant one, they are all over the place, support was really good and considering it was custom made, turned up in a week. I am no pro.... Would do a few things bit differently if did again, when youre positioning it use the gap between the sides that get pulled together to position it, so if the gap between the seem is even *all* the way around. Took about 2 hours to install. Definitely remove the wheel to do it too, would be a pig to do on the car.
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    Unfortunately there seem to be a fault in the DME or the new clutch module so pedal engagement\disengagement isn't being registered properly. Actually threw a clutch module error and disabled cruise control buttons with it all wired up the so input has disconnected for now. Hopefully it stays thinking its pressed in. Also have developed a annoying rattle on the passenger dash\glove box and light knocking coming from L\R which needs to be looked at when weather improves. On the positive side I've been driving it around a fair bit to bed in the clutch which is slowly improving. I can't really fully push it yet but im sure it's the best running stock M54 ive driven. Fixing the vacuum leaks has dropped the LTFT's from +9,+11 to +3,+4, along with ICV clean and new MAF and O2 sensors has made a very noticeable difference in throttle response and acceleration. Shifts exactly like my E39 with new bushings, E60 short shifter, ZHP knob and Redline MTL. Also bled the DSC unit a few times as pedal travel was quite excessive - very big improvement, so much so you can actually heal and toe now and brake heavily. Gave up on the pom actually giving me anything he promised and bought a new leather boot local from Coombes ( $171 trade and came in just over 1 week so very reasonable)
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    anybody have a healthy m30 engine, to suit a e24/e28. Gearbox manual preferred but will consider a auto. Complete wiring harness and ecu. located Auckland but happy to purchase from anywhere. for a quick reply please contact 0277723242
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    Waterpumps are weird beasts, some die at 30,000km, some at 300,000km. Its entirely possible to pull out a working 300,000km golden version waterpump, and bolt in a hand grenade. Normally imminent failure has warning signs first (like intermittent can communication faults). Best bet, rather than fix something that isnt broken, I think is to keep a waterpump and thermostat in the garage shelf, so if the warnings start popping up it can be changed quickly.
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    Nice work on the mats @Vass, and smart move to remove that aftermarket alarm crap. 👍
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    Continued tidying up the daily by making the interior somewhat habitable. Stripped out the seats and gave the carpets and floor mats a good clean with some drill brushes and a Bissell spot cleaner. Some real nasty spills and stains on both but cleaned up rather well. Also gave the leather seats a wee refresh with a deep clean and some moisturiser cream to bring them back to life a bit, as well as ripping out the remnants of some dodgy old aftermarket alarm system that wasn't working anyway. Will get onto destroying my fingertips through stripping the rubberised finish off all the scratched up centre console plastic bits next.
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    Got the bugger off, had to use a Dremel (carefully), there was no way it was budging otherwise. New one slipped on easily indicating the polymer resin, probably the wrong type, on the old one had shrunk considerably. Took me all of 10 minutes, I should have resorted to that at the beginning. New hose on, system bled, running her up to temp now.
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    Calm down fellas. Pack of lefty-righty sandal wearing keyboard smashers 🤦‍♂️
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    I also montage the rear smells of the F82, everything is very nice, it takes a bit of work, but it happens, those who want to do it can do it, sorry, you are making a Turkish translation
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    Pulled apart the whole power steering system last weekend to see what the damage was. The power steering reservoir had a bunch of plastic from the cap in the filter and when I pulled the pump out there was bits of plastic inside the pump, as well as pretty obvious scoring on a lot of the rotating surfaces. I think it's fair to say the pump is shot. I thought maybe the reservoir might not have been OEM hence why it melted but it is the OE ZF piece so it's very strange. Fortunately there was an S54 power steering pump on trade me for $125 which was pretty lucky so I grabbed that and it appears to be pretty much perfect inside. I was worried I would have to bite the bullet on a new PS pump from which was looking closer to $600. I did order a full set of new lines since mine were already weeping and it's something I've been meaning to do for a long time but put off since they aren't cheap. All in I was at just under 800 dollars for all the replacement high pressure lines, hoses and reservoir, not including the second hand pump. Ouch. As far as I can tell there is nothing that 'failed' that would have caused the fluid to boil. No blockages in the cooling line, none of the high pressure lines had collapsed or failed. Really seems like the fluid just got too hot which seems bizarre. There doesn't seem to be any obvious upgrade options for the cooler line which seems like the most obvious solution. It seems like the E9X cars have a beefed up cooler with more fins but they are a totally different design so fitting one to the existing would require some custom mounting. Doable but not very elegant. If anyone knows of something to upgrade there let me know. In other news unrelated to the M3, I picked up something pretty cool for my 'daily driver' alfa 156 2.5 V6. The 3.0L V6 from an alfa 166 is pretty much plug and play with the 156 since they are essentially the exact same engine just bored out and are a nice upgrade for them. They run off the same ECU and map, all that swaps over is the bigger injectors from the 3.0L and that's about it. A 3.0L 166 came up at a scrap yard so I thought I'd go check it out. That weekend I was pulling it lol. Unfortunately someone had already snagged the larger intake runners so I'll have to use the 2.5 ones which will choke the motor a bit but I'll just have to keep an eye out for a set. I hadn't really intended on taking the engine because it's meant to be a daily driver car but when I saw the window sticker on the car saying it had done 75,000km as of mid 2020 I figured I would just grab it. Couple hours later I now have an engine sitting in my garage. I can't believe how good the condition of the engine is. It looks brand new. The internals are perfect as well. The original honing on the bores looks untouched which is hard to get a photo of but the crosshatching is perfect. I will do a full gasket set, replace the rod bearings and a few other parts that are easy to get to since I have it all apart already and they aren't so expensive. But I'm pretty blown away with the condition since it cost me less than 300 dollars. Love it when a daily driver turns into another project... But it should be pretty cool when it's swapped over.
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    Well plated e46 m3 and an old runabout and a slightly newer one, my preference is the old one! very tidy man. both at Britomart
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    Was suppose to photograph the E30 for sale photos today 😓, but by the time i gave it a vac the sun had come out. Ended up washing the E46 as it's been pretty neglected lately, was quite satisfying to clean some of the gunked up drain areas in the engine bay, although note to self...do it BEFORE i clean the rest of the car next time. The steering wheel has worn in nicely now, it's not as slippery as it was at first and looks a bit more natural. Had a few mins before child pick up and the sun had ducked behind the clouds so snapped a few pics.
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    It's a terrible road. Not one bit of it I enjoy. Car groups love "Cruising" over it for some reason. What would you like to be stuck behind that won't pull over? Endless options.
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