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    Is it really a bargain though? Fixing all the cosmetic issues, do all the guaranteed deferred maintenance and mechanical work, then maybe do preventative subframe repairs and rod bearings, easy 10k+ right off the bat .
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    What is the best way to get oversize heavy/bulky items shipped here internationally at the moment? Don't really care if it takes forever to arrive just looking for an option that isn't a few grand for a 60kg package.
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    The condition of it in the listing screams an owner that does the typical Kiwi bare minimum to keep it on the road. This gear knob disgusts me. Who wants to put their hand on that every time they drive it?
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    Ahh so it was you I saw at the meet on Saturday night. Your looked really good man
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    Put the car back together a couple weeks ago with all new power steering parts. New high pressure lines, reservoir, fluid etc. Also pulled the second hand pump that I got off trademe for cheap apart and it was perfect inside. Got very lucky with that being for sale at exactly the same time as my car decided to fry one. Checked all the internals Also decided that while I had the pump apart I would modify the pressure regulator by stacking the old shim with the new one and reduce the power steering assistance by an additional 12.5% according to forums. Supposedly this would also help to keep temps slightly lower, whether or not that is true I have no idea. Reassembled pressure regulator with the stacked shims: Fully re-assembled pump, looked like brand new: I didn't take any photos of all the refreshed power steering lines but it is nice to have all those finally replaced. They had been weeping since I had bought the car and probably long before. Decided I would re-dye the parcel shelf as a saw a few others do on this forum since mine was that typical faded purple that all E46's seem to get. I totally forgot to take before photos but the after is infinitely better than before. Very happy. Everything back together: Also decided I would buy the m-texture door cards Tom has had for sale for a while now. I really didn't need them but I couldn't resist. I was prepared to get some really beat up manky door cards but they were in much better condition than I initially thought and couldn't believe how well they cleaned up. Considering they were $100 for the full set front and rear I'm stoked. Once I cleaned the alcantara part of the door card up they were in super good condition. Best $100 dollars I've spent in recent memory, even though these are pretty much just going to go into storage. The vinyl on them is pretty beat up so eventually I'll either have it repaired or swap the inserts into a cleaner set of vinyl cards. Couple close-up shots comparing the reproduction fabric from my bucket seats to OEM: Not sure what it is about the fabric but I just have an obsession for it. Has to be one of BMW's coolest interior options imo.
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    Quick shout out to FCPEuro, they arent always the cheapest (sometimes they are) but their service is nearly unbeatable. Back in December I ordered a new Mahle radiator for the 130i, for the impending engine swap (when I eventually get the time to do it!). I opened up the radiator box last month, found it had been bent in shipping. 6 months after I bought it and the damage had been done. Emailed FCPEuro and explained what had happened, they said sweet as sh*t happens - send it back and will sort it. I said, it's not going to be cheap to send a radiator from New Zealand to the US.. their response was sweet as we got the shipping costs. So I ordered a new Mahle radiator and they had stock issues, so got sent a brand new genuine BMW one. Legends. (Also finally got hold of a SMF Valeo clutch kit)
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    They both suck tbh and are overpriced in my experience. Just get the x8r vanos kit. I try to support original creator but it's not worth it in this case.
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