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  1. I have a Mini imported from japan. it has a jap sat nav a TV that went till we went digital. Does anyone know of someone that could change the sat nav over to NZ and also make it bluetooth to my phone?
  2. Does anyone have and ECU from an E36 320 m50B20???
  3. keen


    thank you that has worked for me.
  4. Thank you but Im still having trouble with the id at the plug.
  5. keen


    Is there a vin site that still works I cant find one. Or has this way of looking at your car build finished now? I used to be able to search with the last 7 numbers but none seam to work now
  6. My racecar E30 has a M50B20 fitted. That part is all good. The car runs 99% good. But there an annoying problem that it has and I am into starting from scratch to try and locate it. At this point the problem is not my main focus right now. I could be barking up the wrong tree but please give me the chance to trouble shoot from the bottom up. The car was dyno'ed and the mechanic has suggested to keep costs down I go away and look for some suggested things myself. The main thing he found was he couldn't talk to the ECU through the diagnostic plug although it did power up. I have been tasked with tracing all the pins back to the ECU. That part I can do. the part I cant do is google find the pins in the plug that relate to the pin numbers on the plug that goes into the ECU. Can someone just tell me what pins in the diagnostic 20 pin plug go to the ECU plug numbers and maybe the colours of the relevant wires PLEASE. There are only 6 sockets with connections in the Diagnostic plug.
  7. Great thanks for the help guys. Could I ask further. The engine was clearly taken out of a car by a wrecker. And as you guys would know they just cut everything to get them out. The obvious missing bits are. Alternator, ECU, and AFM. I want to get it running to check it out before it goes in the racecar. It is on and engine stand. Questions 1 maybe first. can it be run on the engine stand without flywheel and clutch assy? 2 what would I need to fire it up minimum? And would it be cheaper to get just a 2nd hand standard ECU with a loom but just connect the wires to make the engine run rather than something like a link of some sort. Need some help here if someone has got the time to tell me. Thank you
  8. Thank you so much. I found it further along about under the no 5 cylinder covered in oil disguising it. It has 28 6 S 1. do you know a little about these engines. I have an e 30 race car that has an M50 B20 fitted. I would like to bolt this one up and try it or would I need the gearbox that fits that engine. And could you put me onto someone who could supply me with an ECU with loom and gearbox for it.
  9. I have an engine 2.8 I think. It is not in the car so cannot id with a vin. It has a faded stick label on the back that I can only get some numbers from but not clearly. they start off with what looks like 9859 then could be M52 then faded but maybe R0103. on the head at the back there is also a number BZA 21710 and on the block at the side is 1738400. I have looked everywhere for other forms of ID but cannot find anything. nothing around the oil filter housing. Its come from a wreckers and on one of the engine covers is E36 coupe. Can anyone help with this engines id. I would like to get a ECU for it and try to fire it up.
  10. I have also found these numbers 32551643 with this number below it 286S1
  11. Hi there I have 2800cc engine Im unable to locate year of manufacture and what cars its likely to have come from. All I have is this number from the back of the head BZ A 21710 Can someone help with id please?? Or tell me where any other numbers might be that I could use. It is not in a car so cannot use body to help.
  12. Thank you. Its on a race car. I was hoping someone could give me some possibles to eliminate.
  13. i have a BMW m50b20 that is cutting out at about 1900 RPM and then after dropping to about 1500RPM it cuts back on again. It is not intermittent and does it all the time , both hot or cold. Anyone got any clues to help.
  14. Thank you for asking. It started to make a noise , it got worse , really bad then it got so bad and the battery light came on. and when I lifted the bonnet I could see smoke coming from it. It failed 2 years ago due to the oil filter seal leaking and ( as I was told the dripping oil caused it to fail) and it appears that it has not been repaired properly and its failed again. I had the oil leak fixed as they told me if I didnt the job would not be warranted. I would have just taken the car in, but with the battery light on and the noise was so bad I didnt want to break down trying to get there.
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