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  1. Thanks for ruining my evening with that mental image.
  2. Laughed my ass off. Read the description and thought it must have demo kms and be 50 grand. Then read the top of the page. L O bloody L.
  3. Yes scary.........for those approaching me.
  4. As promised here's the mini.my version of a 1963 mk 1 rally works car. Take no notice of passenger seat it is there until restall seat arrives from England.
  5. All had pretty cheap. Paid around $150 for all the bits needed
  6. I have done this conversion myself. No the glass is different cause the mounting points to the regulators ( inside the door)are different. So had to replace all side windows plus centre console (one without electric window switches) also the regulators are a pita to remove and replace. Can be done though as I have done. Oh and replaced door cards as well as mine did not have the holes for the window winders. So also had to buy window winder handles.
  7. Lol.....yeah, know what you mean, it actually had a modern head unit in it....but I decided to keep it 80s, in keeping with the car. Might yet update to a late 80s alpine cd unit yet, if I can find one. But cassettes are retro cool.
  8. NZ300E

    Cheap M2

    What was cringe worthy, was that the photos show that the idiots just happily chucked the under tray and goodness knows what else into the brand new interior. No respect.
  9. Fleabay, Germany NOS Part no. 34412230012
  10. Well , almost done.....for this I took our humble 320I which we have had for about 12 years and was as basic bog standard as you could get, and transformed it. Using only genuine BMW period parts and no Chinese knock off's. Started by colour coding bumpers, adding in the fogs and wiring to original switch putting on Is front spoiler. Moved to replacing bonnet struts, adding tech 1 rear spoiler plus paint to match, sourced 15" weaves then the centre caps. Changed lecky windows to manual (sick of switches always crapping out) which meant replacing door cards,regulators,glass and centre console. Added tech 1 steering wheel, 385mm. Really would like 370mm. Leather handbrake gaitor. Pulled all the chrome window surround off and painted satin black, colour coded mirrors. Added 1988 alpine cassette deck and BMW sound premium tweeters up front and speakers in rear, got 13 button obc plus loom to go in, added maplight mirror. M3d the dash. Added NOS seat badges. Added e30 series spec suspension including correct Springs and koni adjustable. Really happy with what I have, still want real recaro ls seats, is side skirts and smiley ellipsoid lights.......and the elephant in the room......manual conversion. Or if budget allows e36 2.8 conversion. Anything else anyone can think of, remember only using late 80s beemer stuff. I would also like to thank all the members here who helped sourcing and supplying stuff needed, many thanks guys.
  11. Yep interested. Pm me with a price if you want to give them up.
  12. Retro fitted premium speakers, and acquired NOS seat badges from Germany.
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