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    Used BMW dealer and service . Building our own a E30 for race series . Raced in Mazda Pro7 series last three years and the enduro series. Along with Noel rush we built and developed a Pro7 plus Batman which I placed third in Champs last year. Also ran enduros series 3rd in class last year.

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  1. whoops posted twice sorry Hi After heaps of ads and hundreds of applications form unqualified techs overseas, I thought I would post here to see if there are any qualified techs passionate about BMWs about . We can offer clean modern facilities, top level diagnostic and programming tools and above average rates of pay. Feel free to give me a call 0275 924 817 cheers Alex
  2. http://www.tu.tv:80/videos/la-broma-del-bmw watch till the end all in German but very funny hove
  3. Thanks Andrew your right I have had a bit of a tidy up , as always in too much of a hurry. It is a work in progress and Im always keen on ideas to improve it. I've tried to keep it as simple and easy as possible and we have had an incredible response so far . As far as I know we have the simplest application and approval forms in NZ . cheers Alex
  4. Shameless plug I've just started a finance website You can check it out here We will finance any registered car (including race cars)or motorcycle . Finance rates are a bit high at present but its fast simple and easy , if you let me know your from bimmersport I see if I can bring the rate back a bit. cheers Alex
  5. if your still having isssues give me a call Ive just been through all this myself , early cars had a couple of differnt versions of EWS or Drive away protection, If we can identify exactly what you have Ive got some info that may help cheers Alex 0275 024 817
  6. with thin diagaonal stripes call alex 0275924817
  7. over the last 12 months weve had over a dozen 5 series and 7 series with these sysmptoms in nearly every case it has been the airflow meter.after replacement all clients report both better performance and economy. regards alex carspot
  8. Sounds like the daignosis is spot on we have replaced dozens of these, usually with an immediate improvement not only at idle and low speed but also performance an around a 10% increase in fuel economy. Up until now we have always used genuine replacement at around $900. we do have an insert avalible now that will fit certain meter housings though. Feel free to give me a call Regards Alex http://www.carspot.co.nz Ph 0800 924 817
  9. 10hove

    633 Csi

    http://www.carupdater.com/cars/used/carvie...aler=1012181243 Rebuilt to 3.5L thousands of dollars spent, truley well maintained by an absolute car enthusiast give me a call or pm if theres any interest alex 0275 924 817
  10. 10hove

    BMW web pages

    Ive been meaning to set up some static pages on my website showing the range of used BMW popular in NZ E36-E46 E39 etc etc as well as helping our website and sales it could be a good resource and include relevant links But Ive sort of run out of time , if anyones interested would be happy topay.needs to be fairly simple with relevant images etc any one intersted in the job or know of anyone feel free to PM me an knowledge of BMWs a must would love to have a coverflow page of all the models ?? could lead to more website work rate negotiable chhers alex
  11. Very true but thats why a base run will still give a comparison of the gains as long as the car is run on the same dyno even if its not a 100% correct figure I have dynoed over over 10 race cars on the same dyno most many times over so have a pretty good idea, anyway the point wasnt to argue horsepower theres plenty of that on the web as the say when the green flag drops the bullshit stops (but I suppose now its red lights that go out for the race start) By the way the BMW race club in Britain runs the a class based on weight and dynoed horespower (same dyno) and the figure they produce are for M3s are from 270-360hp The point of this post was performance mods for M3 anyway not dyno figures so I dont intend to get into that, the real point is you need some form of measurement. cheers Hove
  12. Heres an old fellas view ( I do have an M3 3l race car and a bussiness that specialises in BMW sales and service)So while all these add on and bits available on line are tempting these are the steps I would suggest if you are serious about performance 1) check the car is up to standard as close as it can be to when BMW manufactured it (after all its a few years old ) This means compression check and maybe a leak down test . If it doesnt come up to spec your wasting you money on any add ons. 2) make sure all the servicing is up to scratch in particular oils etc but also that the vanos operates correctly and that it has no seals leaks etc, pay particular attention to the cooling system and clutch, after all if you are going to be thrashing it you dont want to incurr expensive repairs. 3) If you are going to do any performance mods you need a base run on the dyno this will tell you if the mods work your base run will also point to any other faults and check that the car is performing as it should and most importantly that the air fuel ratio is optimum . BMW are always pretty conservative with HP and your car should pull some pretty good numbers if its running right, if not it may need a new air flow meter to get the mixture spot on. Once youve done all this you can start to look at gains, Personally my car is standard except for the addition of a twin plate clutch set up and very light (almost non existant fly wheel and a custom tune "superchip") Ive posted a pic of the dyno chart 257 KW (344Hp) at the engine is not bad I think, (especially as its done 210,000kms) so the standard set up is very good you could spend a lot of money on go fast bits and actually go slower if you dont get it right or the car is not right in the first place. anyway thats my 2 pennies worth cheers Hove
  13. Hisaw your car today looks good I would suggest you do a base run on the dyno anyway to see where you at ,you will need it to compare anyway should you do any mods at all,also if your air fuel ratios are off it could point to other faults. John butler at tunning and performance would probabaly do you a deal to run it up on thier Dyno Pak should be plently of dyno posts on the web to see how yours matches up with my race car I always do a base run, compression check and run new plugs and best possible fuel, 98 will make differnce as the ECU will retard if it senses detonation at any point, easy to do if you are heavey footed cheers alex Carspot
  14. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Trade-Me-Motors/C.../p-73800246.htm jut had this arrive and pretty hard to find in black at this price kms are a liitle high but it drives really well hove
  15. Feel free to give me a cll if you want to discuss price cheers alex
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