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  1. I agree with the 2 series Active Tourer - looks much more like a Renault or Peugeot product... Other contender is E36 Compact - horrid car on every level
  2. I guess they will need to realign their asking prices to meet the market...
  3. Yeah asking $12k. However, looks like its done very minimal mileage over the last 5+ years, so I guess it would have just had minimal maintenance. Will probably be fine, but I'm fussy and I'd end up spending quite a lot on it. As such, $12k investment + $5k spend makes a $17k+ 300,000km E30...
  4. Looks like it has been sold already (withdrawn from TM). This popped up on my new listings email this morning and I was seriously tempted. I just couldn't get my head around 300kms+. If I bought it I would have spent some good money on it, but it would likely see me over capitalising - i.e. will a 300k M325i regardless of condition ever be worth $20k? The listing of three owners isn't correct either - I did a history check and there are 10 private and 1 dealer. In saying that, I'd happily pay $20k+ if there was an original alpine white M325i out there with low owners and under 150kms.
  5. The body kit and alloys are all wrong for an automatic in blue with tan leather! Nicely looked after example though.
  6. Hi all, can anyone recommend some lock up storage in Central or South Auckland? It needs to be covered, and cheapish! The car will have a cover on it, so being a bit dusty will be OK. All I seem to find on Google are uncovered parking, or expensive "Storage King" type places designed for furniture.
  7. jjs

    E30 318is

    Can you please PM me the details? Thanks!
  8. On my way to the Sting/Paul Simon concert last week I saw a E60 fall off the tow truck, made a horrible noise and got a bit of an audience! Towies are mongrels, only way to avoid them is to make sure you don't park where you shouldn't!
  9. Ugly colour combo, ugly wheels
  10. Amazon are a very good company, they do everything right from the perspective of the customer. If only some locally based companies acted in this way! I read the recently released Jeff Bezon (Amazon founder) biography over the holiday break, can recommend it as a great read if you enjoy motivational/business non-fiction
  11. Apologies if I have caused any upset, but I hate pretentious statements that some people make in their ads, when what they are selling is run of the mill. At the end of the day is a auto 320i, I would be blown over if someone genuinely contacted the seller to ask why it's so cheap, considering it is priced at the top of the market. But good luck with your sale. Interesting that all of those pumping the value are E30 owners.
  12. E30 320i auto on TradeMe - asking $6,900 "UPDATE. People have asked whats wrong with it seems cheap,..."
  13. jjs

    E30 318is

    I've got a hankering for a E30 318is coupe - does anyone on here know of one for sale? I haven't seen any on TM for some time
  14. To me it seems like a lot of money for a 14 year old jap import with 180kms... At the end of the day, its worth whatever you feel comfortable paying
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