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  1. Noticed a small coolant leak and check that I'm running low at the moment. Is this Penrite stuff safe to use on an E46 330i to top up while I get it checked and fixed? The SCA "car checker" says it's not compatible but I think I've seen others mention it here before. https://www.supercheapauto.co.nz/p/penrite-penrite-blue-long-life-anti-freeze-anti-boil-premix-coolant---5l/575813.html?gclsrc=ds
  2. Nah, just the fans blow.
  3. Hi all, as of this week my Aircon Button doesn't appear to be working. All other buttons light up and change the climate control as expected but the "Snow Flake" button doesn't light up or change anything on the display. Checked all the fuses and everything looks good. Has anyone run into this issue before? Is it possible that the button is broken and I need to replace the unit?
  4. Im just wondering as I was going to do a DIY foglight install to my car as it doesn't have fog lights but from all the pictures i've looked at I've noticed that all the stock facelift bumpers I saw didn't have any fog lights instead just those rubber oval shaped things in the holes. Just wanted to improve the front of my car and with this mod it might allow me to install a msport or m3 csl rep bumper with fogs in the future.
  5. id say just stick with oem ones. the last time I changed my plugs I used bosch woth 4 prongs ones. was about $12-15 each?
  6. on ur current one....u push the button in and pull it down towards u and put it in d.....
  7. dw. found it. was the solid green wire.
  8. Hi, im looking for the acc ecu wire but I can't seem to locate it. I was looking for the red white with yellow dots on it but I don't seem to have one. I have seem 3 thicker just red and white but none have the yellows dots that others have online. Anyone got any advice?
  9. sorry its for a e46 04 318 facelift. I found the little nipple rubber holes but its hard to access easily due to the brake fluid box thingy on drivers side of the car. Also as my car does not have foot well lights will there be any wire I can tap into under the drivers footwell to access the dome lights or will i have to re route it to behind the glovebox and tap into the harness on that side.
  10. Hey, I just bought and installed some angel eyes but now Im trying to use the harness I bought to allow for the remote trigger for unlocking/locking the car. On all the pictures i've looked at online the diys have been for LHD. I assume my access hole would then be through the ecu box? or is there another place? Is it easier to go through from the inside the cabin by removing the glovebox and having a look through that side?
  11. nice. looking good and tidy. not liking the indicators much. prefer the stock but each to their own.
  12. haha nice:D nah i noticed that I could do it on some members but some members woudn't let me.
  13. Recently i've been trying to access the Find Members post by clicking on their name and clicking view posts by them. I've been doing this as there are some threads people wrote that i was interested in for information but now I always get the error admin enabled flood control or an error can occurred. Any reason why it keeps on doing this?
  14. they are actually pretty obvious. It really depends on the cop. I would say instead of risking the fines just pay up the money for the plates if your inclined. get caught twice? that's about the cost of the real set. imo. My mate had them on his bmw for a little while got a few warnings before he ended up going back to his originals until he got the money to get real ones.
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