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  1. This time I attended an event organised by "Mad Mike" called Drift Force at Hampton Downs! Check it out!
  2. Well... its the long weekend so here's another video!
  3. it will make at least 1hp. lol
  4. Pulling the chassis rail of my drift/track e30... with my daily e30
  5. I just seen this, flickr ay? its too bad i don't have the pictures on my PC anymore. Looks like mass download and upload time haha
  6. That's a god idea. especially with a memory like mine I need to make as many notes as I can. I like the whole B reel ending idea, I find the bloopers endings more enjoyable than the movies sometimes haha. Ill definitely use it when I get more content up. Thanks for the advice!
  7. some solid advice there man, thank you! I didn't think about the voice over approach to vloging. I'll definitely give it a crack sometime. I'll try make a shot list etc for my next weeks video so I can plan ahead a little and then work forward from that. I should have put a note or something about the annoying sniffing, I was super sick at the time, maybe should have waited but there's no time like the present I know what you mean for the background music, tomorrows video will have a few different tracks. Its super hard to find something that i'm legally able to use that doesn't sound like a stick beating poos. I made the intro in premiere pro. Took me a long time because i'm not computer savvy at all and i didn't know what premiere pro was before my flatmate showed me haha Thanks for the great feed back and advice
  8. ok so since Photobucket wants me to pay $400 to host my photos I thought it would be a good time to start a vlog. So here's my 1st instalment. Its jumping ahead in time quite a bit, but hey, its free! Have a watch! Give me some feed back, im new to this so some constructive criticism is welcome
  9. same diff since! hasn't broken but holy zombie man its whiny AF. haha I've got a spare 3.64 med case but with the gearbox change I want something taller.
  10. So being a gearbox down I needed something that would stand up to a little bit of a hiding. So off I went. To Silverdale. Straight to Hellbm haha. Ray sorted me out with a zf 5 speed and I went to work to install it. We ran into a few hiccups along the way. Between the m50 and the gearbox sit a lightweight M20 flywheel and m20 6 puk clutch. So using the m20 release bearing resulted in multiple slave cylinder failures (because I didn't know what I was doing wrong). A simple measure up and sure enough the combo was too short, causing the slave to "over extend" and burst the slave. I then did a little research on the issue i was having and the answer was on the internet 1x BMW e21 323i release bearing 21 51 1 204 525 was ordered from Gavin @ euroItalian (great place to shop), and that was it. Driving once again. Seems simple and quick when i'm typing this up, but it took a while... I had other stuff on the go while this whole gearbox drama was happening... good stuff! Making sure i can fit big tires at the ride height i want the e30 to sit things were done to make it fit Oh and I moved house sometime between all of this So of course my mates had free reign in my garage (Blasphemy warning) I had a deadline given to me. There was a E30 meet being organised in Taupo and I was super keen to attend but I wanted to be a little different, so I started hunting for flares. I looked at the options from the states but they didn't really do it for me. I wanted something a little more "JDM" but my wife being the great person she is had bought me a birthday present... the flares I had on my eBay watch-list. And with the magic of the internet, THEY'RE ON! (255/40R17 all round, Photo credit : Sam Boucher Photography) I met some fantastic people and their cars at the meet. It was really heaps of fun! (some stolen photos from Facebook) More soon
  11. This is awesome! Maybe one day all us hooligan e30 sliders will be at the same drift day!
  12. we need to go to the track before I break my e30 again
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