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  1. Recently wrecked a e89 for a drift build and selling off some parts i thought worth selling. Feel free to make me an offer on any of it. Cheers. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/search?member_listing=3451678
  2. Have you considered the oem logic 7 amp and speakers? Has the benefit of oem intergration so equaliser control from the idrive etc They are semi hard to find but if you can find a set at a local wrecker etc its well worth it. Ive done 2x now that ive paid around $400 for the whole setup and the sound is fantastic.
  3. I have cic conversion if your looking for a better option https://www.trademe.co.nz/3455299137
  4. Sold pretty quick and forgot to update. However the new owner maybe prepared to sell it on. If your seriously interested pm and ill pass on the contact. Cheers.
  5. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/search?member_listing=3451678 Just thought id chuck these bits up after cleaning up in lock down. Have a few electric bits if you need something 2006-2010 audio related feel free to ask.
  6. Hey micheal, great work on a very slick looking car. Stoked your back in a bmw haha. I also have m6x timing tools your welcome to borrow if you do timing chains.
  7. Never really agreed with this form of scare mongering. They know this wouldnt be effective if it was some everyday shitbox. Why can't they order destruction via recycling and either have the funds go to police or returned to owners/insurers of the stolen cars? Very wasteful. why pay 5c for coke can when they cant recycle something worth 100x more, just to prove a point? Either way the crim looses their car, But at least it benefits others/ the environment.
  8. Selling a e9x m3 cic conversion if anybody is interested. Pm me https://www.trademe.co.nz/3152856034
  9. I can ship at your expense, not sure as to cost as it make a heavy package
  10. 6 puk spec stage 3 clutch, light weight m20 flywheel and starter. Was in my e36 m52 drift car. super bitey clutch great condition never missed a beat, only selling as wont fit the v8 im swapping in. Flywheel is from a m20 so pitch of starter motor is different so to fit m52 m54 you need to change the start thats included. Includes all hardware, pick up west auckland https://specclutch.com/ Can do $450 firm for members
  11. Hey team, Selling my motor from my e36 to fit a v8. Its from a special edition SA car, vin list slightly more power then a standard b28 but having a cast iron block makes it an ideal engine to turbo. Motor hasn't been opened and has about 233k kms on it just had a brand new set of bosch coils and spark plugs as well as a new valve cover gasket. Coils were almost $500 Would be a complete motor with manual loom and ecu. Still in car can be heard running etc will be removing soonish. Assuming this is worth more than the standard motor id like to get $1600 for it.
  12. Hey mate can you txt me on 02102731873 cheers
  13. Any unit from the same chassis will work coding will correct any software differences. Even units from 1 series work but screen is often cut off on boot up for just a second if it bothers you. Like the picture.
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