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  1. Agree - the manual tax is hitting hard here...
  2. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    I've read and watched that silver is harder than others. I'll be painting entire car(s) so as long as I get the paint at once then should be OK.
  3. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    Titan is SOLD (the new owner is keen as), onwards with focus turning back towards Topaz, with a full prep and paint Summer coming up. Also on Biarritz a power steering hose is going on as well as new under car plastic covers (today's job). Biarritz also needs full paint, but is OK in meantime whilst I practice more...
  4. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    Thanks Martin (the actual man to ask...) This car has the Motorsport II suspension but with Bilstein B8 shocks.
  5. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    Not too much of an update for a while but things are ticking along. The main news being the Titan Silver 540 is now seriously for sale after a bit more work on it, paint being the main focus. $7,500. Please message me for further information.
  6. Always the way... Can't wait to see it and drive it - again... 😎
  7. (as above) It's not a "legal limit" I believe it's a limit set by the "industry" as a "standard" and having just been through all this drama with a rental home - it is all a complete load of smelly BS. The "industry" use 1.5 ug/100cm2, the guvmints own chief science dude has said that anything below 15 (10 times higher) ug/100cm2 is safe to occupy (for their state houses)... Millions of $$ and a sh%t ton of heartache has washed behind all this... Anyway - great to get the M3 back...
  8. Certainly not this one - this ad has been discussed before I think. The blurb is very very dodgy to the point of fraudulent, talking about an opinion on a typical face lift msport model which is certainly not what is for sale here. And it even suggests the "near beer" (which I assume is a 540 msport) e39 is "better" than a M5 which is just pure laughable BS. The price is about triple+ what someone might start sniffing at for a pre-face lift non sport model, despite the low km, which doesn't necessarily mean it won't be without your typical e39 age related treasures... Having had my cynical rant on that dubious Ad, I do think the e39 540 msport is a fine car in its own right and good ones, one day, may have their day... (well that's my investment strategy anyway 😁)
  9. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    Changed out the Biarritz trans wiring loom over the weekend, in addition to a new genuine filter, gasket, and Penrite ATF FS fluid (LT71141 compatible) Went on a Club run up highway 22 yesterday and can report transmission is happy, as is the rest of the car, and owner
  10. Hi, As the title indicates I'm after one of these air bag sensors. Part number 65 77 3 414 264 Cheers Stuart.
  11. Yeah - that applies to any e39...
  12. It's heading that way... and it's loved every km...
  13. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    Given it’s a temp sensor fault and not temp high leads me to suspect the loom and a bit of googling kinda supports this. I suppose after 22 years the current loom probably well pickled… but I will take it out tomorrow for a good run.
  14. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    Just ordered new loom , genuine filter, gasket, zf lifeguard 5 fluid from Alltranz in Auckland. Not cheap but these trans need genuine stuff and the price was not too much more than sourcing offshore in this case.
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