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  1. Ex Japan 2011. This is the car I want.
  2. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    Also VANOS Orings and sealing rings, and with intake off, I'll check the CCV system and do intake gaskets, water pipe Orings. Think I'll leave the water accumulator and heater hoses alone, all looks OK there. Need to flush out block and heater core of coolant and really just a damn good clean. Will also replace fuel filter and change out the rear suspension lower ball joints.
  3. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    And now off road for the big job... as much time on cleaning as there is on the more fun stuff...
  4. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    Wing mirrors are on: Plus Art v Imitation...
  5. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    No update for quite some time but things have been happening (quit my job just before Christmas, last day yesterday and have 3 weeks off before starting a new one in Feb... garage time...) and the Biarritz has been the main beneficiary... It now has better front seats fitted, a facelift steering wheel, windows that work, better grilles, the spare M5 wheels have been painted an Audi Mineral Gray and fitted, the spare M5 mirrors have been painted, and a mate gave me a front bumper in need of repairs etc. that is better than the existing. So I'm at the stage where fitting is about to happen... Also some vanos seals have been ordered, and next week I think I'll crack into the chain guides replacement. I need a daily work car for the new job and this one will be it I think, the others as backup... The Titan has developed an annoying oil leak that I can't quite sus, either a upper sump or lower timing cover, or maybe a bent lower sump. I've put it away in storage and forgotten about it for a while. I really need to fix that and a couple of paint defects before selling.
  6. Great work Jared !! It is disappointing re the slave cylinder. I could provide some "feedback" to supplier if required. This ultra rare car is really getting serious attention - and one to watch...
  7. And again.... cracked bumper must attract a premium... 2002 BMW 5 Series 530iSE | Trade Me Motors
  8. hqstu

    Project E39

    New springs - give it 20 years or so..
  9. "Due for a service" no sh*t...
  10. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    To be honest, with 3 540's sitting around, I don't know which way to look or what to do next... but Biarritz has been getting most of the attention. Adrian kindly posted up his old but still useable front struts, and Topaz has new tie rods for Biarritz to take the old ones... So Biarritz now has a WOF, license, wheel alignment, fresh new plates and is finally road legal after a bit of a break. Various component swaps (with Topaz) like exhausts, lights, trim, wheels have been going on. The rear lip spoiler was coming a bit unstuck so before I lost it, it was pulled off, awaiting some tape to arrive. The box of timing chain guides and associated parts has arrived, so next up I guess is opening up the front of the motor and getting into it... Been trying a bit of paint "correction" with ahh mixed results but will get there, the PDR man has also been and worked his magic over several panels - amazing work... I've also decided the Titan 540 is up for sale, so if anyone is interested in a pretty well sorted car (with timing guides, vanos, suspension, trans rebuild being highlights) then please PM me.
  11. Keen to know what peoples experiences are with M62 etc lower sump gasket replacement. I have a couple weeping/leaking oil after a gasket change? Do people add RTV as extra sealing? Seems to be more on the rear edge of sump as opposed to side and front? Cheers.
  12. Great stuff Jared. As we can see, it's in good hands...
  13. May have to update your car on your profile perhaps?
  14. hqstu

    540itch Scratching

    With biarritz also came a set of style 32 staggered wheels and I thought I'd throw them on topaz to see how they look. Once refurbed they may find their way onto titan.
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