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  1. Complete with the towing eye sticking out the front bumper🤣
  2. Not a BMW but thought it'd be worthy of this thread. 992 GT3 aka my dream car just parked right outside my place haha, absolutely stunning. Also a GR Yaris in front of it
  3. I thought it was a normal e30 thing to not be able to open doors when jacked up haha. Well mine and the few I've worked on in the past was the same
  4. Agreed, it's even better in person. Just stands out
  5. Awesome, completely agree about it being plenty in the real world. Have had my G20 320d for about 2 years now and still haven't felt I needed anymore performance. The torque is just fantastic. Lovely example you have there
  6. 100% this. Completely unreasonable for him to even expect anything considering all the steps you took to ensure full transparency when handing the car over. I've sold many cars over the years and yeah sure some have had issues post sale and the buyers got in touch but it was always just get advice since I knew the car best
  7. In my previous 135i switching to non run-flats made quite a dramatic difference so might be a good place to start. I've got a G20 now too and the adaptive suspension is just fantastic, no complaints even on the run flats
  8. No regrets getting my G20 320d especially now. Get about 900kms to a tank mixed driving so including RUC still works out to be quite a bit cheaper than running my old 135i, 400nm of torque is plenty too.
  9. Beautiful example. That 'start up noise' would not be cheap to rectify I'd imagine
  10. Whoa this is a blast from the past! Good to see it still kicking about
  11. I just read your post again and yeah agree that's weird as heck. My G20 3 series doesn't do that, I do have the 'turn off when door opened' function active but it certainly doesn't switch off when the car is running. Might pay to check with bmw? I have always had a car seat installed and never ever had issues with it being confused for the last 1.5 years though
  12. Should be an option in the doors/access menu that says 'turn off when drivers door is opened' that you need to uncheck.
  13. Remember doing that same drive after installing a 4.1 LSD diff into my old 325i E30...roads like that really makes you appreciate the E30 chassis. Car looks fantastic!
  14. My car was similar when I first bought it earlier last year, constant software bugs with i-drive 7 but BMW eventually got their sh*t together and rolled out lots of OTA updates since. Absolutely love it now. disappointing that You've had to go through that with no solution from Audi
  15. Haha saw that on trademe this morning. Impressed at how fast someone linked it to the video
  16. My old one is for sale again, although a lot dirtier and with some new wheels. Don't understand how people put cars up for sale without giving it a basic clean: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/135i/listing/3330547223 This is what it looked like clean🤣
  17. Don't think i-drive 7 would be NBT? Was told my G20 was MGU or something. But yeah would agree with getting the dealer to convert it to NZ, since I've had my car there's been so many OTA updates that I wouldn't have wanted to miss out on.
  18. I ended up just gluing the badge on. It was certainly a bit thicker than stock but wasn't too dramatic and I actually preferred the feel of it with the wrap. Got it off aliexpress, and was quite impressed with the quality of it. When I ordered there was an option not to have the red marker so went with that and gray stitching to match the m performance handbrake boot. https://m.aliexpress.com/item/4000353458798.html?spm=a2g0n.orderlist-amp.item.4000353458798&aff_trace_key=a5984e33e7c74834b3e1f9b9d2cd9279-1633048375630-03435-UneMJZVf&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=469amp-IjdStVzOGrc4vGFT-866qw1633048414021&browser_id=8b1b3873a0904a4aa6bf8d9ca9c4d1af&is_c=N
  19. I had the same dilemma when I had the 135i so ended up stitching on one of those Alcantara covers onto my steering wheel which matched the insert, turned out great
  20. I've also heard from other forums that lots of new orders are missing certain options due to the micro chip shortage. Wonder if it's affected the NZ market too and what effect its going to have on the re-sell price of the slightly older fully optioned models
  21. I had my N55 DCT 135i for just over 3.5 years. What a car, miss it heaps.Test drove lots of n54's before deciding and the DCT sold it for me. Agree with Kyu in saying it's not the smoothest in traffic etc but once you get used to not creeping too much in traffic it's fine. The shifts are unbelievable in sport mode. The combo of the N55 and the DCT is a true winner. From a reliability perspective, I did the usual plugs and coils etc as preventative maintenance but I had zero issues other than a leaky o-ring on a sensor on top of the gearbox. Wasn't a major but required the box to be dropped to replace. Engine was faultless. Would highly recommend one. Oh and most of them wouldn't have had a gearbox service due to the lifetime fluid crap from BMW, that made a huge difference once I did it.
  22. Lots of controversy over this back when I worked at Repco...a long time ago now. Used to order in the 10w60 TWS stuff for a number of m3/e39 M5 customers directly from Castrol. Not sure if it's now been superseded but they were very particular on it being TWS rather than the normal 10w60
  23. Agree, have used fireball previously and am currently using Meguiars and I actually prefer the Meguiars stuff
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