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  1. Mine's always for sale, Paul, if you're looking! Just done a whole lot more work too... New fuel pressure regulators, more suspension parts, headlining and about to refurb the air con (again!).
  2. That sounds about right but they are a hard sell, sadly. They shouldn't be, as the they are much less of a PITA than many people assume but maintaining them can be costly - particularly when the electronics start to go - as diagnosis is sometimes challenging and you have two of everything (MAFs, DMEs, DKs, etc).
  3. Completely depends on condition. A mint one with all preventative maintenance done is worth quite a bit ($25-30K) but they can be worth peanuts if there is lots of work to do, as maintenance can be pricey on the 8s.
  4. Not mine. My old one had ACS wing mirrors and is still on the RSII wheels as Martin says. It was for sale in the FB bimmer group a while back. Think they wanted $7-8K. Apparently had a replacement engine. Given everything I did (which was pretty much everything) someone must have thrashed the sh*t out of it.
  5. Pretty sure that's not the case. My understanding is that council has negotiated that Speedway move out to Waikaraka Park and offered to cover relocation costs. I think the owner is being a bit disingenuous in the press.
  6. The Zoo has been there a lot longer than the Speedway and the safety and welfare of its animals will be greatly improved without their annual fireworks display. Another location seems sensible.
  7. Waited 4 months for a used rust-free sunroof to turn up from an E31 collector in Canada. Finally got it painted and fitted. Now just waiting on some pesky headlining clips that are (of course) only found on the E31 and E32, so BMW NZ only had 4 in stock out of the 16 I need. Hopefully fresh headlining will be in by Xmas!! Only other outstanding jobs are crank position sensors - which will be a summer job as they're a bit of a mission to change - and servotronic steering retrofit - which I'm in absolutely no hurry to do!! haha
  8. Ron would probably enjoy keeping a trusty auto going for a few more years.
  9. Anyone wrecking an E32 or E34 sedan with a sunroof? I need 12 more of these clips to reattach my 850i headlining. Would prefer not to wait 2 weeks ex-Germany. Found on cars with sunroofs only (except E34 wagon). Thanks in advance.
  10. Anyone got any new or good used crankshaft sensors for an M70 (E32 750 or E31 850)? It's a long wait to get them ex-Germany.
  11. You'll need an old (90s) 4:3 laptop with Windows 95, ADS interface and OBD I (20 pin) plug. Best software seems to be INPA/DIS/Carsoft. Lots of info here - just search E31 and/or INPA - https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?233-Diagnostic-Software
  12. Looks very Aston from the rear. Front grille is pretty ugly but it wouldn't surprise me if it gets a more front more consistent with the other models when a production version is made. Hope it comes with a version of the twin turbo V12 that the new M760iL has.
  13. jeffbebe

    1991 E31 850i

    I've been a bit quiet on here for a while. Mainly because of life's many interventions, but also because the 8er has had an irritating ignition issue so has been largely undriven while I slowly hunted around for parts and time to sort it. Anyway, got it running smoothly once more this weekend and took some pics - sadly, because I'm probably going to sell her - and was reminded just how beautiful the 8 series is.
  14. Yep, it's meant to sound like that. Old skool.
  15. Sweet!! Pity the 8er is too low or I'd have come too!
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