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  1. Looking to change out my current wheels with racing tyres on and am looking to find a set of wheels to put (or already have preferably) some decent road going tyres on. What do people have laying around? If someone has some BBS Style 5s let me know. But after anything off an M3 at the moment. Cheers
  2. I actually considered buying this to use as a round about to match my M3.
  3. Camu

    E46 M3

    It's an M3 after all. It's meant to be driven hard.
  4. They do come up for sale less than E30 M3s. I can see why someone would jump at something listed (I did the same thing). For a lot lot less I might add though.. (Not trying to say they'll be worth E30 money, but this has been the only other listed since I purchased mine mid 2019)
  5. At the end of the day it is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it - if it sold, it sold for market value.
  6. Alright.. Might need to get the insurance bumped up a tad tomorrow!
  7. Yeah not bad - looks good with the top off. I'm a sucker for Techno Violet I must say, photos don't bring the real colour out.
  8. Camu

    E34 540iS

    I also think people just got tired of his antics. I lost interest in it as soon as it was relisted for a month and a half.
  9. Don't know who's going to buy it though - I was the only non dealer bidder I think and I certainly won't be buying it.
  10. Oops, went to bid on it again but was too slow entering the price. Oh well, I doubt I'd best his autobidding anyhow. 25725 seems like a good price
  11. At the cost of a normal personalised plate it might be worth just going for a personalised plate! I'll have to do some digging.
  12. Is there any way of getting the original NZ licence plate back for a car? The M3 has had a few plates in its time and I would like to try and chuck the original back on, if possible. Any ideas how I would go about this? Cheers
  13. Hopefully they tap out - won't be buying it from them though!
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