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  1. have a set of bbs rx203 17x8 et40? $700
  2. fifty bucks and whatever shipping and pick a part charges me for them all good
  3. i'm a 10 min drive from there if you can make it worth my time (and bloody knuckles knowing m52 manifold placement)
  4. sweet alpina intake, got any other pics of the car?
  5. i've got a set of sedan roof racks, $300 and they're yours
  6. I've got a 3.9 ratio medium case lsd from a e34, the guts will fit in the e36 housing no worries
  7. where do you get your data from? I've been hunting for E36 M3 Evo production numbers but can't find published information.
  8. @topnotchrally i can straight swap you a purple tag for the springs?
  9. if you can ship them to Auckland I'll buy them
  10. @BM WORLD price for s54 headers?
  11. I've got one but it's not going to be cheap
  12. I've got a zf and a 3.64 ratio E36 medium case lsd. Also have a 3.9 ratio lsd in a e34 medium case
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