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  1. moe

    1990 E30 coupe

    I went down a schmiedmann rabbit hole and spent a couple of hours on there site. What a cool set up I ordered a heater and it arrived on Friday Such good service I will be going back again Thanks again Nick for the lead!!
  2. Was from an e39 540 non vanos
  3. Found this if it helps
  4. moe

    1990 E30 coupe

    Awesome man Thanks again!!
  5. moe

    1990 E30 coupe

    Thanks Nick New as in Coombes or can someone else supply Cheers
  6. moe

    1990 E30 coupe

    Who has e30 parts these days? Cheers Mike
  7. moe

    FJ20 E30

    Update For the cert I had to send the brake booster assembly to Wellington to the lvvta technical advisory committee to be assessed They said they would approve the design with some changes The pivot arm has to be made from 8mm steel (mine was 6mm same as factory) then I have to reduce the end thickness to fit the factory clevis 6mm The tube has to be fully tig welded on both sides (factory method was a mig stitch weld) Send it for non destructive testing (crack test,x ray?) So getting that underway now Its good to know these guys are making sure everything is as safe as it can be, While that was away for a month I decided to get the heater working,I put a new o ring in the heater tap because 1st leak,I re rounded the alloy heater pipe ends because leak 2,I removed heater core and took the end tanks off because leak 3. I really should have done all that before I put the carpet back in Im not sure if they’re worth trying to repair? Or are they all going to be close to being past there best before date? If I can even find one……
  8. moe

    1990 E30 coupe

    I’m after a few bits to complete my project brake crank pivot under the glovebox with the bolt and plastic washers right hand lower inner sill trim with clips mid section exhaust heat shield pedal pivot bushes gear lever boot rear sway bar drivers side sport seat,broken or incomplete or parts also need a heater core Thanks for looking
  9. moe

    FJ20 E30

    Haha I think the reverse lights were just something to put on the sheet…….. I have been on trademe for months and haven’t seen any sports seats come up I need to look every day I really enjoy driving this thing smiles per km is ratio is pretty good 👍
  10. moe

    FJ20 E30

    Got the cert check done A couple of silly things,my fault The only one that may give me trouble is the brake relocation bracket Hopefully not to bad as rocker geometry is standard and it’s 3 mm one piece pressed mount bracket I got a wolf check done and apart from the conversion stuff all I need to do is reverse lights Happy days!!
  11. moe

    FJ20 E30

    It’s a lot of fun to drive Im always making excuses to go for a quick test drive……… Standard FJ box at the moment but I have a 5 speed ZF that really needs to go in soon I am looking at some adapters from pmc Motorsport and also considering making one , Its more like the kiwi way! Anything FJ is thin on the ground these days It seems like some e30 bits are getting that way too Off for a cert check tomorrow, See what sort of list I get👍
  12. moe

    FJ20 E30

    Cheers Just need a standard front lip and refit the 318 boot badge👍
  13. brutus

    & iv also got some comfort upper seat on frames,, 

     any bits of seat cloth needed ?

     cheers again, 

  14. moe

    FJ20 E30

    It went good on the dyno!, So nerve wracking with a new build hoping everything will go smoothly One issue that bit me was a cheap tm fuel pressure reg……..should know better It made 348 hp atw at 14psi Super happy with the result , Now onto the cert process
  15. Hi there What parts can you supply to make something up? Cheers Mike
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