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  1. Very conventional styling. Do hydrogen fuel cells generally produce much heat?
  2. How does BMW plan to implement oil filter housing and sump gasket oil leaks in it's non-ICE portfolio? How does BMW, and Germany in general, plan to generate hydrogen now that the Russians are turning off the taps on their gas pipelines?
  3. Is it because they write them off every time a bird shits on the bonnet?
  4. Do you anticipate the blues being a lot harder to get right than the silver? Man that topaz is pretty.
  5. We had a couple of claims with AA over the years (probably 10 years) and no issues. Yes they do low ball your value every year and I was always aware they might send any damaged car to somewhere hopeless, however I really liked their policy where you can purchase a vehicle or damage one you are borrowing and be covered automatically if you already have vehicle cover with them. Ended up with FMG because public liability, business interruption etc package was cheaper, but would recommend AA.
  6. But how can they monetise your data if you refuse to click "accept all" on their spurious data protection security measures? You'll become a social nobody! Oh noes!
  7. I hear @hqstu has done so many now that he does them blindfolded 😎
  8. In the US they now have a number of Right to Repair legislation. I'd suggest manufacturers get things ironed out very firmly in this area or they will be faced with Right to Use legislation, never mind hackers giving access.
  9. BMW is going to need to up their software security, or else we will all end up emailing some guy in Bruges and enabling massage seats and self driving on our poverty pack 116i
  10. It'll come to a head when something breaks (probably a line of code somewhere) and the car is recording a fault- but the fault is in an item that you can't use. Imagine failing a WOF for a TPMS fault when you killed the system to save money for more alibaba ///M badges and monitor tyre pressures yourself instead.
  11. You'd be the man to ask, I hope... I always wondered what differences lay between Motorsport and Motorsport II suspension, do you have any insight into this?
  12. Suppose it could make sense if you only wanted it for 4 months of the year, over 5 years that would run you $600 instead of whatever the upfront cost of the option is. There is another argument around what you actually own if it is "your" car but you are still paying for functionality it already has.
  13. Good to see retirement becoming serious Glenn 😀
  14. Mazda,s new stop start tech doesn't use a battery or the starter motor. It delivers a shot of petrol and a spark to the appropriate cylinder and away she goes.
  15. The wheels on that E60 remind me of a Commodore I saw recently, pulled over and the rear wheels and tyres were completely gone. Only the 5 spokes were left and were all that touched the ground.
  16. Rimutaka hill road has been ruined with the last 30 years of "improvenents".
  17. The video is fake, Americans don't even have 4 cylinder engines.
  18. Arrow is probably best, but you'd be looking at about $1600 to have them fully refurbished.
  19. I haven't looked over one of these. I thought they had moved to all clip on style connectors from about 1996 onwards.
  20. Are they pricing the next decade of repayments at 10%+ yet?
  21. I'm moving to a new place tomorrow, my spares supply has not reached the giddy heights of GJM Mechanicking LTD. The Mazda doesn't require spares being kept in stock... 😛
  22. @Olaf don't you have a 2nd gen X3?
  23. That's an appalling summary which ignores the cost and the vastly different scale. Political will isn't the issue here, it's physics.
  24. Saw one of the new 3 series in white. Actually looks okay in person.
  25. Now there's an interesting point. Does every car on board have a trickle charger attached? Is there any battery maintenance during the trip? Has this had to change for electric vehicles? I imagine the gazillion shaft horsepower engines in these ships would be able to produce some spare electricity.
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