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  1. Thanks everyone - sounds like its all a bit above my skill/patience level. Will ring around some engineering shops to see if they'll do it for me and save me the blood sweat and tears. Cheers, Mark.
  2. Hi team, Been a while - but looking to get my E30 back on the road again after 3 years sitting in the garage. Need to replace the control arms and bushings for a WOF - have bought the parts and intending to do myself. However, the internet gives me differing opinions about whether the control arm bushings can be removed / pressed in to the brackets using at-home methods or if they need to be taken somewhere to be pressed in. Anyone done this job before and know if I can simply cut the old ones out and press the new ones in using a vice? Cheers, Mark.
  3. Did you get the bluebus installed? Or did you order for arrival in Feb? Interested to know as I'm keen on one for my E53.
  4. Really nice words Josh. Atta was one of the greats. I didn't know him overly well, but when we did catch up it was always like reconnecting with an old friend - he was an incredibly gracious, humble, funny guy who always had a smile on his face. RIP Atta.
  5. Hi everyone, Haven't posted on here in a long while - but just wanted to let you all know of a fellow BS member who sadly passed away in the mosque tragedy on Friday. Atta Elayyan, known on here as 'crazyarab' has been named as one of the people killed at the Al Noor mosque. He was a regular contributor to the forums since 2007 - many of our long standing Christchurch members knew him and his cars well. The last BMW he owned was this E30 V8. He also previously owned an E36 M3 and a silver Tech II M325i, all which sported the number plate 'CRZARB' Atta was a talented software developer, a member of the All Whites Futsal team, and has a young family. I'm sure you will all join me in sending condolences to his family and friends. Incredibly sad news. - Mark.
  6. Mark

    Quick Questions

    Hi team, can anyone tell me if the standard SA sump guard for E30s protects the steering rack as well as the sump? Cheers!
  7. Replaced one outer tie-rod, did an oil change and cleaned out the throttle body, ICV, and MAF. Still up on jacks to do other tie rod tomorrow as I was sent a wrong part. 25 degrees today - Time for a beer!
  8. $150 Reserve - TM Link Lowering springs for BMW E30 - 1983-1991. Have been on my 6 cylinder car. Lowers car from standard ride height by about 35mm. Pic is of my car with these springs in. I replaced the springs as I failed a WOF for being too low, however the new (H&R) springs sit the car at the same height. (Chassis rails sit at 100mm, however steering rack adjustment bolt sits at 95mm) Will just have to find a new WOF guy! Pick up Avonhead, Christchurch. Can't be bothered freighting elsewhere.
  9. I got a bit of other stuff done at the same time, but it probably worked out to around $600. There was quite a bit of metal that needed to be cut out and re-fabricated.
  10. Bought some new tail light gaskets ages ago but was waiting to get the rust sorted first before fitting them. I don't have a picture of the rust previously but it was an apple-sized piece of cancer that had spread outwards from the bottom RHS of the right tail light. Panel beater did a pretty good job of the repair, blended the paint nicely. Old gaskets were pretty brittle. No wonder water was getting in. New ones fitted, about three times as thick as the old squashed ones. Then went to fit the left hand side gasket and oh no, rust. Should have known. Sanded it back and put some rust converter on it. Will repair further when I find the time.
  11. Not much of an update - but got it back from the panelbeaters yesterday. It's now completely rust free. (well, almost... read below)
  12. Pretty sure the rear doors won't fit as the rear arches are different between PFL and FL. Fronts I'm unsure about.
  13. My 325i does about 12l/100km - running on 98 BP that works out at about 27c per kilometre in fuel costs. Also, you'll get a bloody strong left thigh dailying a manual E30 in Auckland traffic.
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