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  1. If your using race pads, the dust turns rock hard if it gets wet/damp. "Moto muck" and a number of application's and patience.
  2. Blow out the cob webs from mine today, nothing like a bit of full throttle
  3. It did look good, Andrew. 😀
  4. https://www.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?2441710-FS-E36-M3-Euro-Airbox-with-HFM-and-Snorkel
  5. Hi guys, I need a new set of track tyres for my E36 M3, my existing setup is on 17 x 8 rims and Toyo R888 235/40/17 and of course I want my cake and to eat it too. Toyo's if you can get them are $680 (ouch) AR1 are an option 245/40 may require ride height change to fit. So I would love to test fit a 17 x 8 rim with a 245/40/17 from the list below. PM me if you can help Cheers Mark Width Section Width Section Width Tread Overall Diameter Toyo R888R 235/40ZR17W 241 / 9.5 620 245/40ZR17W 249 / 9.8 627 Hankook Ventus TD Z221 245/40ZR17W 252 /9.9 232 /9.1 630 Hankook Ventus Z214 245/40ZR17W 247 / 9.7 232 /9.1 625 Nankang AR1 245/40ZR17W 248 / 9.8 628
  6. sweetm3

    M TOY M3

    Lap Time ? ?
  7. Under-tray or front splitter
  8. There was some tyre bundles if you look real hard ??
  9. That was the question, put to me Jon Cheers Glen
  10. John, "whole rotational assembly needs to be balanced as a unit" is this what you mean ? I dropped off the FW, PP, SD and bolts. All had alignment marks for when being installed.
  11. See 6 O'clock to 9, not sure 3pedals, Ron, William (good to have you back) Confirming it was 7.9 lbs
  12. Hi guys, it was a UUC M3 kit. UUC Stage2/M5 clutch combo (I love it) Sorry the info I put on my project has gone. Site went down a few years back and I didnt have the info backed up. Dave is right, I took Josh advice and gave the unit to an Engineering shop in New Lynn to have it checked.. They did the balancing and said that it was wayyyy out. And I was lucky that I brought it in. Thanks again Josh From UUC web site flywheel weight 8.5 lbs, once balanced I think I was around the mid to high 7's.
  13. I've been waiting 14 days for a purchase from PBtech ......... it has been sitting at East Tamaki all this time
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