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  1. Venatus

    E30 diff

    Hey, but more than I want to spend right now as I'm going on holiday in a few weeks so will keep it in mind if I don't sort something before I get back thanks
  2. Venatus

    E30 diff

    Hey have blown my diff again, so I need either - medium case cover plate (my spare med case has broken diff bush mount) - limited slip maybe (depends on my funds haha) its got m52 with g260 so I think around 3.73 or would you recommend something else? Cheers
  3. I believe I have snuck around that location but not frequently enough to find a way into the main towers, have been into a couple of the smaller auxilary labs though not much remains in those ones.. Accidentally walked right up to it and knocked on the door when I noticed a couple nice 4wds parked up...turned out it was the cops running the dogs round inside the main towers. From my last scope out it looks like a chunk is now used by a local boxing club, didnt know whether they would be keen for a fight over me sneaking around or not!
  4. Ive got one of the front ones, cant remember which side and a complete grille for some reason...10 each or something lol...
  5. In reply to Hawkes Bay hospitals, I was only aware of the big one on hospital hill (unless youre counting waipuk/pukeora/dannevirke), where I was born, in this room pictured below most likely. When I got in, everything was completely mint, all the operating equipment still there. Such a waste, but such an awesome explore. It involved security, and that always involves fun...
  6. Hey guys, sorry Im useless at this upkeep of a website/social media etc thing. (Got sick of the e30 when it crapped out again, now in the process of m52'ing it.) We have finally gotten around to updating the website in the last couple of months etc. (added some south island locations and a couple more north island) In reply to peoples posts in this thread; The first pic in the thread is the old Hawera Hospital (Demolished now) To get involved just PM/email myself or Nathan, or visit the Facebook Cargills Castle is awesome, but I only got to see the outside The Burnside Freezers also looked awesome, but got a lot of filthy looks rolling round that area from the scrappers/car yard guys. They could probably guess why I was there. Still got to get around to seeing hobsonville unfortunately, though people do say theres some pretty cool parts still left. Dannevirke Hospital is pretty close to gone last time I went through, though I did get through an auxilary building last time I was over for work. (Lunch break of course)
  7. will the DME still run the engine normally if it cant find the auto ECU? or if it has the auto ECU but no auto trans connected? (assuming it the EWS system is wired up and functioning) I guess thats essentially a e36 auto to manual question, does anyone know if you can strip out the auto wires or if it needs to see the auto ECU? Sorry to sidetrack a bit..
  8. FINALLY got around to adding a new location to the site, this is what happens when you work 3 weeks straight etc, nothing else gets done. This is also why the e30 is falling apart AGAIN. The new location is the abandoned Waikune Prison near the National Park township.
  9. Venatus


    Yeah I get all round the North Island haha, was in Auckland for a wedding and was in New Plymouth/Hamilton the next day...
  10. Cheers guys, I usually actively hunt these places out, whenever I take a long trip from palmy to auckland I typically force myself to take a new route through the backroads, this how you find things. The facebook part of it is really run by Nathan, i typically run the website nowadays, though I was fairly uninvolved for a long time there. as for those in the lower north island/wellington, Im always keen to meet up, ill be in wellington on the 24th/25th/26th, Im not sure if ill get up to anything abandoned but ill try let the forum know if anyones keen for a bmw/urbex meet - the two can go pretty well in hand photography wise. At the Tui brewery meet you may have noticed I disappeared with my beers for a while - was poking round trying to find a way in - fairly secure if youre not into illegally gaining entry (I avoid this at all costs - my motto is wait until someone far more unscrupulous leaves you a way in!)
  11. Fuuuuuuu - my m50s on the way out. Dream swap - all the mounts/gearbox already in the car! Who wants their company logos all over my car haha?
  12. Hi guys, Im one of the admins of the site www.urbex.co.nz - we are back for 2014 with a fresh new look. Its all about abandoned and derelict buildings (amongst other stuff such as storm water drains) in NZ and includes photos/videos etc. Its a bit unorthodox and a bit unprofessional at times but hey, we have a lot of fun doing it and its something different to most peoples day to day lives so thought at least a few people might enjoy what we have done.
  13. Venatus


    Haha cheers guys, yeah m52b28 is what im thinking, dont need any mounts or arms or intake manifold or exhaust....everything will swap (I think, seeing as its already m50). just need the wiring loom, injectors, coils, ecu, long block including head etc...anyone got one cheap as haha? (will be a few months away anyway) loaded some recentish pics of the car, note it no longer has the faux-fibre gas flap - took me ages to find a good white one but I did finally haha!
  14. Venatus


    WOW its been a long time since I last posted in this thread. 14 odd months later, one of the piston rings is starting to go. In the last couple months Ive replaced nearly every single sensor, cleaned everything (injectors included) will post a vid or pic of my awesome cleaning/testing rig later on. HOSTGE has the full body kit now (Genuine Hartge prefacelift rear pods, SE side skirts(I think), Cracked fibreglass Hartge front skirt, Hartge wheels...rock the Hartge) In the last 73 days, I have done 10,000km...Quick oil change, threw some thicker stuff than I was using tonight, will see tomorrow if it runs a little bit better (hopefully keep it ticking away a little while longer) So, the next thing by the looks, is either a rebuild of the old m50b25 sitting in the garage, stroke it, or perhaps throw something VANOS in it? I dont see the point of buying a VANOS engine then locking it off, so I would have to sort out making it all work as the factory intended? Suggestions anyone? different ideas?
  15. Pretty awesome man, Also interested to know how much work the stroker was, as my m50b25 is on the way out...again (piston ring cylinder3 by the looks, wah wah)
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