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  1. You need to do at least two proper Motorsport events each year to maintain the authority card, ie prove car IS being used for Motorsport. However, you CAN still drive the car on the road whenever you want. I dailied my E30 race car for many months on a authority card.
  2. It designates that the person at the AA that entered the registration details mistook the “/2” for a 2-door coupe as a “Z”
  3. NZ new diesels don’t, some imported diesels do. Anything “Blue Performance” has it.
  4. Yeah, it’s the standard X5 packaging wrapped around a fuel cell rather than ICE / Electric. That is the underlying principle of the “power of choice” same vehicles but with full variety of power sources.
  5. Luckily we had another foggy morning to further examine these f**ktards in the wild. Two fairly distinct groups emerged.. 1. Modern vehicles with driver support features - driving with DRLs on at front, but no rear lights. Probably because auto lights only work off brightness I believe, so not activated by fog. 2. Old sh*t boxes with no technological features being driven with no lights front or rear. Would be doubtful dash lights up, so I suspect they are going on the “I can see, so you must be able to see me” principle. Prevalent car colour seemed to be silver which is really hard to spot in fog. I also believe these are the same vehicles seen widely at night without any lights on!
  6. Depends on your definition of “good or bad” I much prefer a ride that is on the stiff side, whereas others might prefer soft and wallowy. Will it be a hard ride? Most probably.. What are you running now? If you are moving from factory 18s to 19s it will be a bit harder, but not to the point of unbearable if you don’t mind it currently. After a few 1000 kms I doubt you would remember the difference. Disclaimer: provided all other things remain equal and wheels are approx same weight.
  7. I know the car well, back to the owner that did the mods. He had it for a long time and sold it probably 3 years ago now. Has passed through a number of sets of hands since. When sold back then, all the parts to return back to standard were included in the sale, it doesn’t say these are now with the car, so I suspect they have been sold off somewhere down the line. If anyone is keen to buy and wants to return it to stock I have the parts and would be happy to swap for the non-original bits 😁
  8. f**kwits who drive in the fog with NO lights on, not a single one!
  9. There is a big difference between repairing, or fixing, your car back to a working condition and making changes to it. I would suggest the most relevant legislation would be the VIRM covering the WoF requirements.
  10. Nice red E30 pre-fl Vert on Botany Road, twice this afternoon. Looking sharp, anyone on here? Top was down - well played Sir (or madam)!
  11. Looking at the bumper of the cover car it seems to be a US version, is that true for the information inside as well?
  12. Most manufacturers have long known that battery electric vehicles are only a stop-gap solution to cover between the forced end of ICE production and the long-term solution. Whether that longer term solution is hydrogen, synthetic fuel, nuclear fusion or whatever is still up for grabs. HFC would appear to be a front runner at this point.
  13. Pretty much the same as the wife’s 116d 🤣
  14. Some of our members have some awesome project cars that could be in with a shout for this competition.
  15. I know where there is a pile of M Performance parts for the F87 M2, but not sure what the cross comparability is like with your M235i..
  16. My only issue with AA is that they forced me to use their own useless S.M.A.R.T. repair shop on my BMW, even though I wanted to get someone else to do the repair. And not surprisingly they did a pretty half arsed job on the repair. Prior to that they had been good, and paid up the full agreed value on my Scooby when it was stolen.
  17. Not by the time you factor in RUC… 😁 And it was dearer than 91 from the pump a few weeks back!
  18. Took the mighty 116d to work this morning, luckily Friday & school holidays meant very little traffic so driving a manual wasn’t too much of a drag. Fingers crossed getting home will be the same!
  19. Great to hear! Definately a rarer and less well known Bimmer, so good to keep it alive!
  20. No stoush missed, don’t worry. Couldn’t be a stoush when the Diplomatic Immunity of “no offence” has been used, as in “no offence but I think your a helmet”.
  21. Pretty sure there’s one of these sitting in the BMW warehouse, belongs to the car club.
  22. All 2016 M235i are “M Performance” versions. This what’s when BMW were offering an “M Lite” which wasn’t quite a full M car (M3, M5, etc) but was a big step up from an M-Sport optioned vehicle. If in any doubt it should have “M Performance” on the engine cover, and come up on the instrument cluster at start up. A VIN or rego would be helpful, or even a photo.
  23. No idea why you think it’s got anything to do with me, it’s not my decision. So, no, don’t contact me.
  24. Done, for old times sake, fugitives. Was also part of the reason for my suggestion on For Sale threads.
  25. I haven’t moderated anything for many many months, for exactly that reason. So some other poor sod must be getting all the PMs. And done, and done, and over and done.
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