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  1. 325GRANT

    E30 325

    Hi Guys. someone please buy my car!!! Link to your next project Cheers
  2. 325GRANT

    Link - LEMV5e

    Hey guys Someone buy my link its pretty much new!!!LINK Cheers
  3. ill get some pics sorted asap. no starter motor but does have manifolds. came out of an auto so no clutch / flywheel ... but ive already given you a flywheel haha it is a good motor that was running fine when it came out last year. if theres not a lot of interest i could possibly hold on to it for six months or so, im really not in a hurry to sell it.
  4. hey Gus. if it doesnt sell i might go ahead with it but id rather sell it all. ive got another e30 with mtech 2 kit and bbs wheels (basket weave style) that i want to get rid of as well. unfortunately it has a blown head gasket... i have 3 2.5 motors kicking around one in bits and two with blown head gaskets!!! id really rather sell it all if possible. any idea of what its (the 2.8) is worth?
  5. ha so do i!!! unfortunately not a lot of interest here so it will be hitting trade me soon.
  6. hi guys and girls im thinking about selling my M52 2.8 and just wanting to gauge interest and get an idea of what its worth. from memory it had done about 80,000kms. comes with everything apart from starter motor and wiring loom. DOES HAVE the correct sump / dipstick etc to fit into an E30. DOES NOT have the original sump / dipstick etc. would need sump gasket. if interested probably best to email me grant__nz@hotmail.com (note 2 x _ 's) as im not on here often. also selling my link that was in my E30. can supply this with wiring loom. the loom is home made (by me) but works well. i have a new (still in the bag) knock link as well if anyone is interested. anyway, let me know if your interested.
  7. anyone have any of these they would be willing to part with ???
  8. would it be possible to mount the engine on a slight angle to help decrease the problem? this is what i have been thinking of doing. will it effect anything? oil pick up should still be ok. any ideas?
  9. yep got one pm me if you want it
  10. 325GRANT

    im back

    M52 alloy, im pretty sure it will hold up. once again in the interest of research im willing to take a punt haha. and yea stock head gaskets are a no go
  11. 325GRANT

    im back

    hey all long time no see... or talk... or write ... whatever cars been parked up due to the purchase of a bike and haven't been on here for a long time. now its well and truly winter time to park the bike up and put that 2.8 into the e30 and turbo it. anyway just thought id stop by and say hi. sites looking bloody good btw well done guys.
  12. why not just look at something like navman? it can monitor everything your car does, is a lot cheaper and can send and receive messages. plus you can do a stealth installation so if you car is stolen you all you need is a computer with internet access and you will find it in about 2 mins! on lease its about $100.00 a month. my 2c anyway
  13. sounds awesome. but i hope selling your car isnt part of this lifestyle change!!!!!
  14. sounds like an air block open bleed valve jack up the back of the car chuck the hose into it and leave it pumping water through. this happens every time i empty my radiator
  15. dont really know would be manifold, turbo, oil line, water lines, downpipe, could also include intercooler plumbing but its only standard steel not stainless. you would need to lower your compression somehow or you would end up blowing your head gasket. as i said i dont really know what sort of $$$ im after yet, just seeing if there is any interest.
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