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  1. @ Tristan, Yes this is my first bike! It is indeed very good to learn on! @Glenn, Yep Solved! I think the rain destroyed one of the spark plugs so only 1 cylinder was running but installed 2 new plugs and now it runs amazing again, Thanks for all you and wayne's help!
  2. Time to bring this thread back alive since I have moved my interest from BMW's to bikes. Recently bought a XV250 ( same as Kerry's) and turned it into a bobber. Here are some photos: Got some clubman bars on the way and then I am done
  3. AHhh! I was looking for a set of these before but I have moved my interest from cars to an engine on two wheels now! this is such a bargain compared to getting them shipped in from the states! Anyway GLWS Josh
  4. I saw this on the motorway the other day and the finish on it is not so good! It is indeed my old car. I sold it for 4000 to the guy who added the wide body on it so this is actually pretty good price-ish
  5. Yep they are legal. By law, indicators can be orange or red. I've passed so many warrents with my red indicators and cops have seen them so many times and never gotten pulled over, however putting anything over your taillights is illegal.
  6. I love it! Perfect 335I IMO
  7. dreadful1

    Darin's 36

    VERY NICE! I love that colour on the e36's!
  8. Ben! you are on bimmersport haha small world! and a conversion from a lambo to a bmw would be insane!
  9. I advise not to get the vinyl's from Trademe, they are cheap knock offs from taiwan. I suggest going to any sign writers and get some of the real deal! I used Avery EasyApply Supercast to do my whole car and I can vouch for its awesome finish and quality! (P.S. I bought 10M of the stuff from trademe and tried it on the car, it started bubbling within a day and the finish is real wonky) Yongxi
  10. Ray is indeed a top notch bloke! Always helped out and always keen to give things a go! I also very highly recommend Glenn at B.M.W. Ltd, Knows bmw's inside and out and you can trust that his work is 100% up to standards with no short cuts taken!
  11. So this happened today: Towed my first car with the nightly 330! AJ can explain what happened haha
  12. Wow, thanks for those pictures Josh! Very cool to see what happened to the car before.
  13. That flat grey-ish E46 is probably me you saw haha, not many people have the same colour.
  14. and the S54 out of the M3 into my sedan?
  15. Yeah still on original cats I believe! I think I can get them taken out now and just get Gavin to turn off the post cat sensors. next on the list is probably a vanos seal replacement. Eagle: It has an manual box already, 6 speed out of an E46 M3 done by Ray at HellBM
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