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  1. I recommend Peter Burke at East Auckland BMW - I know you're looking for someone central, but he's a bit of a guru with E46 M3's. Plenty of motorsport experience also (including with the E46 platform).
  2. As above, I am after two 265/35/19's for a spare set of wheels for the M3 - Ideally Michelin PS4S/Super Sports, Goodyear Eagle F1, Dunlop Sport Maxx etc with 50% or more tread depth remaining.
  3. I also have it on good authority that the Imola Red one went for mid 40's. Still feel like that was a bit of an outlier though. There was also the mint 02 Steel Grey M3 with CSL wheels advertised for high 30's from memory which disappeared quickly. Maybe someone can confirm that sale...? I thought that one was very fairly priced, if not a bit light.
  4. Join the dots, or coincidence...? ?
  5. Must have been KMB233 that I spotted over the weekend on Upper Harbour Highway. Rare sight!
  6. At first I was quite interested, but there's probably a good $3,500 - $4,000 + (if paying retail) to get this thing repaired and WOF'd. At minimum the car requires a water pump, diff mounts, front rotors and pads, and rear pads. That's assuming the engine is all a-okay from the water pump failing. Plus circa $400 of RUC's, rego etc...and then the cosmetic work. Having purchased my Touring at 200km, there was a fair list of items I had to address to bring the car back up to the standard it deserved.
  7. Viewed today. Great project car.
  8. I'm trying to sort that very issue on my parents C36 at the moment. The engine wiring loom was replaced recently, now we're onto the headlight loom ?
  9. To throw another local option in the works, have you thought about giving George Stock (Koni) a call to discuss a suitable coilover kit? I know they have made a coilover for the BMW Race Series E46's at the moment. I'm sure they could valve the shocks for road application and would pair with appropriate spring rates. Russell at Koni looks after my shocks in my race car, and supplied me with adjustable Koni Sport shocks for my E46 Touring. Good guy to deal with. Images pulled from the George Stock & Company FB page below:
  10. I inquired with my insurer (Classic Cover) about increasing my sum insured for my E46 recently on the back of those sales you mentioned. The advisor checked their database to see what other E46 M3's were insured for; turned out there were a few race cars but no road cars. So she updated my policy with my nominated sum insured and said if the underwriter had any issues with the updated value they would be in touch.
  11. I noticed last week someone had hit the buynow offer of $24K, but then was relisted today. I thought it was just de-registered due to a rego lapse? ?
  12. Seems like the seller doesn't mind being a bit misleading...
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