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  1. The f10 m5 seems like crazy good value these days in the 40-50k range, I've been keeping an eye on them hoping one comes for sale with the B&o sound system option but I imagine that is rare in New Zealand?
  2. As per title, looking for aftermarket exhuast (prefer Eissenman) for e60 M5/e63 M6 (imagine they are the same). Cash buyer.
  3. Hi, aware this post is from sometime ago but do you still have the mufflers?
  4. Thanks - sorry no photos. Looks silver/dark grey.
  5. Hi, There is a vehicle parked down the road from me that appears in a disused state and looks appealing as a project. The plate is Bmwm5i, Im aware value all depends on condition etc but what is something like this worth so I can go make an offer on it. Is it a normal 5 series for that era with a fancy plate or is this something more special than a standard 5 series. Car jam says its a 3.5L Any info would be appreciated. Cheers
  6. Thanks for all the feedback - the m50d is an interesting one, wasn't really aware of it. Will check those out, is that their normal price range high 30/low 40 or are the current sellers reaching? Out of touch for values on the bmw front. Any significant things to look out for the m50d?
  7. Hi all, Currently shopping for an SUV for family (baby + 2 dogs) my original choice (sensible choice) was a 2015 Highlander but I keep coming back the two 2010-2012 X5 M on trademe. I don't mind DIYing on vehicles but are these completely unreliable and expensive parts wise? lots of horror stories on the internet around the N63 which I'm lead to believe is quite different than the s63. Thoughts and views? Cheers
  8. Frodo88

    E92 M3 WTB

    Looking to buy E92 M3, White or black, manual or DCT. Don't mind if its a little rough in condition or needs work in some way. Prefer under 120km. looking at 30k or slightly more depending on condition.
  9. How much does a bearing job set you back at an indy? The parts are about $1500, if you DIY?
  10. Yep... 20k buy in, but most won't keep up with repairs unless you are DIY. This m5 has actually been on my watch list.
  11. Whats a fair price for a basically rolling body e46? I've seen simply a shell go for 2k.
  12. Seller has added engine bay photos encase someone is interested, still hard to tell whether its shifted any of the engine bay components? Experts?
  13. Looks in pretty good shape, depending on how far that damage went inwards by front fender, under the bonnet photo would help :/. What's the going rate for driver/passenger Airbag?
  14. Hi all, Currently e60 m5 and even m6 are getting pretty dirt cheap. I'm after an s85 (for a future project) and trying to find the most economical way. So is there much demand for m5 or m6 parts in the second hand market. I'm considering buying a cheapish m5 and pulling the engine for myself and then just selling everything else. Not too worried about length of time but will I likely have any demand for parts? I was thinking between brakes, interior, diff, wheels and other misc panels you could almost make back half of a 20k M5. Would appreciate any input? better off to do with a m5 as lots of those compared to m6 and therefore demand should be more for second hand parts? Regards, Frodo
  15. I wonder why the 03 M3 (KYK) is listed as damaged product, it was for sale recently for 21k. Doesn't look like it suffered a crash or anything - maybe engine damage? (anyone know?)
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