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  1. I'll drop it in to work sometime this week
  2. I've got the Haynes manual if that's any good to you, does have wiring diagrams in it
  3. well the car is at Jeff Grays today, so I'll sit here with that sinking feeling fearing the worst for most of the day no doubt will keep you posted
  4. You can't forget about the cannon factor though, you can be as deft as you like, but 20 pound balls of steel or whatever flying at a couple of hundred feet per second lends a certain weight to an arguement
  5. Cheers for that Will, no blue smoke or anything like that under acceleration, so I think the rings should be ok(ish) I'm assuming page euro have the right gear, would rather not go to a dealership if it can be helped can anyone enlighten me on this?
  6. Not a cheap job at all, one of those things though, if you are going to go the new engine option you have to make the call from the start once i sent the head in for straightening, I was pretty much committed to that path, and as always the little things keep mounting up. on the plus side from having been driving a alfa 33 around, power steering and air conditioning should never be taken for granted, and the fact the e36 has an outstanding turning circle.
  7. well about time for an update, I got the car back yesterday the mechanic is not 100% happy with it but I'm just testing it at the moment the head, has been planed and crack tested and all that good stuff, had a bit of a nightmare getting it running right though the crank sensors had melted, so replaced all of them. its running ok now, but Idles too high, and seems down on BHP, I would have thought a head plane would increase compression, giving perhaps more power as for the idle, its not particularly rough (though not smooth) but is not surging or anything like that, hooked it up to one of those electrowhatsits machines and no faults coming up as always suggestions appreciated
  8. G'day, flick me an email on james_hildreth@sptyres.co.nz and we'll look after you, we make the GSD and the DZ101 so got those ones covered
  9. in the cold sober light of morning, its all a bit random, I think PC's need a drunk button so you cant post for 12 hours. But it does piss me off that ppl keep buying this sh*t and encouraging more auctions like this to happen. end of rant mode
  10. Am I just turning into my dad and taking everything to heart or is some a**hole just making a buck off some crime he pulled off f**king up a NZ Icon. or is he a shrewd investor I'm going with a**hole and I'm getting a wee bit fed up with the whole I'm thick yet have great tits/thick cut down tree Auckland loves lets make some money out of it on trade me while the rest of the saps work hard to pay their bills!!! Is this a rant? yes am I a little bit pissed? yes does it matter? I think not, I can still spell a**hole. yay for me!
  11. cheers for the advice, I'll keep you posted
  12. Well, cheers to some cheap bastard in the cars past who epoxy'd up a connection instead of replacing a cheap part my engine got well and truly cooked (nowhere to pull over for 10kms) what are the ramifications of this?, I'm guessing (by the white smoke) a head gasket and plane as the bare minimum although there was no caramel in the oil but water must be getting in there. I'm not sure how hot it all got and fearing the worst. any suggestions appreciated
  13. could be a good conspiracy theory to start is the only official record of it some movie from a cellphone?????? He'll be kicking back with Elvis and the Aliens at Area 51
  14. I can see you lurking there Kaelib, but I'm taking the wheels muah ah ah
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