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  1. Fantastic weather we've been having lately has meant a lot of aviating. Test is coming up and I'm feeling good about it!
  2. huff3r

    Quick rant thread.

    Don't forget the apathy of drivers towards temporary speed limits, which i the case of chip seal especially serve to allow the tar to rest and cure. Speeding through fresh chip seal (even if only doing 50) is enough to cause the tar to lift, and the seal doesn't last nearly as long as if it had cured correctly. The fog lights is mostly ignorance I think, they legitimately have no fkn clue they even have rear fogs. Button got pressed one day and hasn't changed since.
  3. Not quite correct. It's the same motor worldwide, however we also ordered the armoured variant which retains the same powerplant whilst adding about 2 tonnes of armour and suspension upgrades. To say it's underpowered is an enormous understatement. The standard version is pretty good, in my experience it's always been enough grunt to do what's needed. For comparison the new Bushmaster they are replacing the armoured ones with has a 7.2litre caterpillar turbodiesel truck motor in it.
  4. Yes, they are quite compact. I'm 6'3" and can't really sit perfectly straight but it's manageable. With a helmet on, less manageable. They have a 2.5litre Volkswagen TurboDiesel, the light truck motor. Mated to a 4 speed auto, which makes it kind of idiot proof and also even easier to go anywhere.
  5. huff3r

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    If going through the Desert Rd make your lunch stop Cafe Express in Waiouru. Probably the best pizza I've ever had, and every soldier tends to go back every time they end up spending any time in Waiberia for training.
  6. huff3r

    WLG -> AKL Drive

    @qube pretty sure he means Sanson. In the Manawatu. There's only one fish and chip shop in town (if you can call it a town)
  7. huff3r

    Quick rant thread.

    Power outages in Auckland. Every. Single. Time. It. Rains. My neighbourhood even has underground services, but sadly fed by overhead from the surrounding areas.
  8. huff3r

    Quick rant thread.

    People who just refuse to see anything positive and nitpick everything.
  9. As far as I know there aren't any private ones over here. 6x6 Command and Control variant. If anyone is wondering, they do go basically anywhere off-road.
  10. Haha I wish. Renewing my DDP, somehow managed to convince them to let me do it even though I definitely don't need it anymore as aircrew ?
  11. Drove a Pinz for the first time in nearly 3 years this morning, and taking it off road next week! Definitely a life is good moment.
  12. Just be aware the $50 for a flexibin is just for the bag and does not include collection. Often places will take cleanfill with little or no charge, but you'd need a way to get it there. Or advertise on Facebook, someone might want it to fill holes etc.
  13. With that much land a large zero turn might be the way to go, it'll cost you more than a "lawn tractor" type, but will have a much wider cutting deck and save you considerable time. Dad uses a semi-commercial Husqvarna and loves it, it's massive with a seatbelt and rollbar but it makes short work of his acre.
  14. Any of the above. Get restricted. Get full. Buy s1000rr.
  15. huff3r

    New GST import stuff

    Sorry I was referring to still shipping to NZ, in which Amazon US still will but all their other sites no longer do.
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