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  1. bmw335i


    Hi guys. Looking for a M52b23/b25 whos got something for me? Cheers.
  2. Being a panel beater myself , that's some sh*t work, they may see it as " an old Toyota " or whatever. looks as if it's been done in the back yard of someone's house. Try get the probs resolved at another shop. Chances are if the original shop have to redo it, it won't get much better.
  3. Looking for some rear springs for an e30. Super low would be good. Ta.
  4. Need Right front bonnet grill L front spot light ( Motorsport type ) Thanks
  5. Last weekends silly antics result in me needing another front bumper. Motorsport is needed. Does the person who got the bumpers off Aaron want to sell me the front one? Any help would be great. Cheers.
  6. Last 2mins was crazy. Wasn't expecting that
  7. Has the original paint been sanded before the " paint job " ? If so what are the scratches like?
  8. Got some paint tonight, getting clear coat soon.
  9. It's the front of a Lola race car, not sure what model unfortunately
  10. Something a little special, not seen often. Who knows about them ?
  11. Got these bad boys basically ready for a repaint, has taken 3weekends of afew hours each tho. Damn wheels.
  12. bmw335i

    'THE' M3...

    How bad is the damage at the front? We just repaired an m3 with the same sort of damage at the rear and it had frontal damage as we'll. I guess it comes down to howmuch the quotes are and howmuch the cars insured for.
  13. My good old street sluzza
  14. Looks like Alfa headlights
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