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  1. I have a genuine Westfalia bar, and currently use the "TEB7AS" relay in the first link above on my e60 LCI sedan - quite easy to install, and no issues with the LED indicators etc. It doesn't however have the genuine BMW / Westfalia feature of disabling the PDC sensors when reversing, but a push of the PDC button inside the car silences that. I also don't think it gives you a dash warning to indicate if there's a bulb out on the trailer (I think the genuine ones do?), but there is a discrete audible tone from the module when indicating which will not sound if an indicator lamp is out.
  2. paulo

    E46 M3

    This one has just come up for sale today... https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/bmw/m3/listing/3009561407?bof=uZwwqzBJ But it's Black. And SMG. Tidy, facelift,and NZ New, however!
  3. ... I spotted this one a few days ago - has been painted in LSB recently - was Phoenix Yellow when I last saw it about 18 months ago. It is now manual too (has been converted from SMG)
  4. ... that e36 M3 'vert in your garage photo also looks interesting... what colour is that?
  5. Beautiful Car - don't let it go for less than what you really want! There are not many about in NZ that achieve the near-unicorn status of this one. I wouldn't be surprised if the "right" buyer would pay circa $50k for this example. Good luck with the sale, and please let us know how you get on. Cheers Paul
  6. Laguna Seca Blue (paint colour)
  7. Yes, this one certainly ticks quite a few boxes! I see that $40,000 is the starting bid, no yellow reserve flag is showing at that price, so the reserve is currently not met, and unknown.
  8. A selection of some German machinery spotted at the Skope Classic at Ruapuna this weekend... The engine bay on the "Brock" e30 M3 was the finest piece of work I've seen for a while. The S54 powered e87 was also very well sorted...
  9. Hi there - I have a pair of Genuine BMW M3 door mirrors available for Sedan / Touring / Conpact. Boston Green, clear coat has delaminated, will need a repaint. $325 for the pair.
  10. This looks familiar - I seem to recall one with a quad exhaust for sale a while back - had a fancy quaife / Birds UK diff and a few other mods?
  11. paulo

    E46 M3

    Yeah, this one certainly ticks a few boxes! I see that it's a UK import, but speedo and odometer is in Kms - is that normal? The vin decoder says its LHD, (but that often comes up incorrectly in my experience) - Unless its a euro to UK import, then converted to RHD? That might explain the Kms instead of Miles. But vin decoder also says S812 National Version England / Ireland.
  12. Looks stunning - I've seen this in ChCh a couple of times (unless there's another Techno Violet one on M-Pars!) - how many kms on it now?
  13. This looks suspiciously like the real thing to me: https://www.trademe.co.nz/antiques-collectables/automotive-transport/cars/listing-2761991959.htm If so, it could be a bargain for someone ...
  14. ...and if they banned time-wasting users like taeb01. He has a habit of asking “.” as a question. Usually on $1 reserve Euro car auctions. Not sure why he does it - but it annoys TF out of me!! Eg: https://www.trademe.co.nz/motors/used-cars/audi/auction-2744793764.htm
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