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  1. Black E34 M5 Rotorua Countdown (the skyline side of town) on Sun. Not sure if it was a legit M5 or just badged as I was trying to leave the car park with people behind me and it was parked between other cars so hard to tell aside from the badge if the other bits were there. Plus the owner was filling her up with bags of groceries so I didn't want to stare lol. Was def looking like a daily driver - if it's legit, that'd be nice to drive on the daily...
  2. Pics or it never happened. Lol. In all seriousness tho - that's old torana, falcon rolling shell craziness... Maybe I should sell the touring (its a project car atm - so yea, no reg/wof currently) with the 5 x 15s with caps hahaha
  3. Not to thread jack here but are weaves going for this price? I saw some on TM 5 or 6 months ago (14s) and they had something like a 1K price range. I was thinking, good luck with that (recalling that people were struggling to sell them for $400 bucks 5 or so years ago). But seeing your quote here, maybe I should see what the market says for a 5 x 15s....
  4. A bit OT but how is marketplace? I've never used it. Does it have similar safeguards to TM? Anyone traded there?
  5. Hey Olaf, apols - just updated profile. We were Welly based but have been permanently in Rotorua for the last few years.
  6. Cheers Thanks Nick, have been popping into your touring thread from time to time - looks awesome. In the 10 years I've owned the car, I've yet to see another touring with leather rear seats.
  7. Hey Bimmersport -it's been a while! Apols in adv, this may be in the wrong forum/section. Also, it may be a longish post. As per title, looking for feedback on what kind of value my 88 e30 Touring may be worth. UK import (came in in the 90s I think). I've owned her for the last 10 years and she's done 239,846 miles, so just run in. Long story but due to house, health and work related issues the wagon sadly lapsed it's rego/wof about 18 or so months ago. Intention was to leave in garage and get things sorted over time but a few things have changed and I may be letting her go. Had a recent enquiry about selling to a mate but I'm not sure what it would be worth as an unregistered/wof'd vehicle. Having said that, it's still a tidy vehicle. Hoping the community could help with what a ballpark value would be - as is, where is. The good - Hellrot Red, 325i, factory manual, LSD, lowered slightly (tastefully, msport-esque) on Bilstien shocks, SE spoiler kit and lip, Full Leather interior (incl rear seats and doorcards) with recaro front seats, 15" weaves with centre caps, rear tints, service history (well, a lot of it). Even has the little flashlight in the glovebox (not going) and the cargo screen cover for the rear (is functional). It's still running - quite well actually. Had to get a new battery but then she fired up first time, idles steady and comes up to temp as per normal. Brakes are spongy af (even more than normal) but it had been sitting a while (started but not driven, well not far...). Gears change smoothly, clutch good/solid. The (known) issues - It's an 88 e30 so there's a few quirky things the car has but there's a couple of rust issues that don't look great. Biggest one is on the tailgate, under/along the rear window. About 10cm wide at the surface. From what I've read a common area on touring models and hadn't been a wof issue. There are also a couple of small (1 - 2cm) spots coming up on the roof at rear above the window. Engine/gearbox - running well considering. Never had any major issues during my ownership and still pulls hard, changes smoothly. Would def need an oil change, plugs etc and a good look over in general. Tyres - still like new and about 4mm tread all round. Rims could use a tidy up, bit of brake dust etc settled in over time (PIA getting into those weaves...) Cosmetic blemishes - clear coat peel on front and rear bumpers, a few stone chip marks to bonnet and car parking dings on side of car (from other vehicles, mainly ute doors), headlight cracked (stone again), seat leather marks (from previous owner, poss dog scratches) but just on the seat area. The backs are mint. Drivers seat leather has a few cracks/wear. Again on the seat area. Hairline crack on dash starting to appear. Couple of faulty sensor lights that come on/off intermittently, electric mirror fault (works, then blows fuse, rinse repeat), driver door lock broken (thanks Drop and Drive...) but still central locks from rear lock. Sunroof is opening up but not back, if that makes sense. The quirks I mentioned... Probably forgetting a couple of things but that's most of it. And then there's the obvious derego/wof situation. Attached are a couple of pics from today - disclaimer, they were done in a hurry for this post so a bit rubbish but give an idea of some of the above items. Could add more if needed but guessing that the info is more important and everyone here knows what an e30 looks like. Lol. Haven't been following the e30 market for a few years now so not really sure where things are at. Interested to see what advice/insights the community has. Cheers! Rio
  8. Firstly, awesome work on the project. Nice! Secondly, how crazy was the lock replacement/repair - for non mechanically minded owner with a busted drivers door lock (thanks long term parking guys at Akl airport...). Locking and unlocking from boot, central locking still functional. Thanks!
  9. Was this the same e34 from the Welly meet circa 5 years ago? From memory, we met by Chocolate Fish Cafe, did a little drive around the bay and took some pics of the cars. If this is the same car, it was very nice in person...
  10. Thre may be a thread about this car already but a quick search didn't throw anything up. https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1471669184&archive=1 1 Bidder, sold for 11,990.00. Not a dig at seller or buyer (well done to both) btw, just wondered if this was indicative of an unmolested example with service history etc. My insurance renewal just came up. Maybe I'm a little underinsured...
  11. The painter that previously owned this car lived in Kilbrinie and I'd see this parked on the street with paint tins, drop sheets and all sorts of gear in the back all the time. It was his daily and work wagon which was kinda cool. I've seen one other in Welly that was pampered, garaged, mint condition, black and manual. Not sure if it was NZ new though...
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