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  1. HaNs

    Targa tour experience

    Ive serviced for main targa twice and co driven south island targa once. Its a huge amount of fun. Only thing i can say is take 3-4 days off after to recover. Oh and pre order a windscreen if doing tour. It really doesnt matter what car you have, can always drive a slow car fast.
  2. HaNs

    E38 abs module

    I do some work with him so can vouch his work, pretty busy so may be a wait.
  3. BBS RS 033 15" 4x100 6,5x15" ET34 $2000 Can freight
  4. Hard to see much as resolution is so low Looks like some odd axis changes and also map changes, almost like a lazy dump from another software version with maybe more power? I use winols 10 hours a day if you need anything looked at let me know.
  5. I have a M52b28 loom ready to plug into a haltech ecu. Will message you
  6. Yes great gains to be had, also read exhaust box changes help release more power
  7. HaNs

    328ti Rally

    I looped mine, will blank them off when i do my next engine
  8. HaNs

    E36 328I Track Car

    They are sitting behind the garage. R888R are great
  9. HaNs

    E36 328I Track Car

    Not 100% sure yet. Need to open it up. Goal is a reliable engine that likes to rev without breaking the bank Cams - Cat cams or B30 intake cam Rods Pistons Bearings Solid lifters and port work on head Oil pump Gaskets
  10. HaNs

    E36 328I Track Car

    M52b28 spare engine to build and a zf box acquired to build. Engine comes with a loom so makes it easier to install the haltech out of the car. Also finished my 2wd dyno rebuild.
  11. Best of getting Racetech 4009's. The 1000's dont hold you in that well on the track
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