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  1. APT

    4X100 E30 Wheels

    Hi all, After a set of wheels for an E30, open to anything except for factory bottle caps anything oem ish if possible - no budget really Just checking if anyone's got anything hidden away they would like to sell before i throw it up on Facebook pages... Thanks, Andrew
  2. Sides and rear aren’t Tech 1, only the front kit.
  3. @leichtbau Funny you say that, when I looked at buying this car and took the initial photos the owner told me he was going to put a rotary in it. Originally the vehicle came from Northland 11+ yrs ago and in the engine bay it has a lot of aftermarket wiring and aftermarket gauges around the speedo cluster.
  4. Have this photo saved for anyone that missed out
  5. I've used Colourlock before and it works a treat. This is what I've purchased in the past: https://www.colourlockleathercare.co.nz/shop-now/product/10-leather-fresh-repair-kit
  6. I’ve seen this car in person, it’s the real deal but needs ALOT of work to get it back to its former glory and fetch those M325i prices. Hasn't seen the road in 11+yrs, so it’s really a ground up build - surprisingly the body doesn’t have too much rust. With the prices of M20’s, Its more suited for a repower project.
  7. APT

    Car value

    Hey mate, PM me. Mines pretty much identical, higher kms but I’ve had mine valued for insurance purposes a couple of months back. Cheers, Andrew
  8. Followed you going up Siberia Hill a little while ago and remembered the plate, keep up the updates 😊
  9. Nice M3, makes me wish I never sold mine a couple of years ago. Odd question, do you live in Beachlands ?
  10. @Ghost Chip called the owner at 5.30pm yesterday and he said it was already sold. Not sure who got it. If anyones selling the seats let me know
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