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  1. Excuse my ignorance but what is disa?
  2. Rob HB1

    E46 330CI

    Interested. Pictures, details
  3. Rob HB1

    WTB 130

    Looking to buy either white,blue or silver 130 with black top engine.
  4. One lives in Dannevirke. Red in colour. Very nice condition.
  5. I bought it from Auckland 7 years ago.
  6. Have seen this name in the paper work we have with the car and been told it lived in Wellington,Dunedin Auckland and Hastings.
  7. Thanks for that. Been a great car for us, just time to move on.
  8. Nothing unless someone wants an e3 325 se then i might buy an e39 530 motorsport if there are any decent ones.
  9. Have you still got this?
  10. Just seen your request will send some info tomorow
  11. One have, looking to sell. Completely standard.
  12. Looking for an original e30 m40 air filter box.
  13. Mine also had the orange silicon fix. Some dry joints in the loom meaning two of the solenoids weren't working.
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