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  1. There is a factory wiring loom that runs along the roof cavity and down the A pillar into the passenger footwell where there is a factory plug to plug it into. Pretty seamless and easy to install. GLWS brother!
  2. I work for easysteel. We supply it, have to buy 2400x1200 sheets though
  3. The power steering lines are pretty straight forward. I made mine for the v8. only one is a high pressure hose - cut the factory fittings from the hoses and measured the length/path i wanted it to take and had hydraulink crimp the ends onto the correct hose for about $80. The other 2 are lower pressure lines so some braid line with hose clamps works well Nice work on the build - a little jealous of the style 32's
  4. I would also be interested in contact details to see if he is able to have a look at my e30 cluster
  5. A bit of write up on it from the builder https://werksgarage.co.nz/blogs/news/the-one-car-to-do-it-all Theyve built some nice vehicles
  6. Hey Guys, On the hunt for something new for the e30. After some 17x8-9.5 BBS LM or ARC-8 - ideally offset 30 or lower. Interested to see what's out there....
  7. This will help you do exactly what you want and at half the price. I'd say you would need to run an aftermarket ECU to get the benefits of them
  8. Nice work, looks good Didnt want to mount the intercooler upside down and shorten the piping running it under the headlights?
  9. I did see some today on the world of facebook that uses grub screws to bolt them into the hub rather than that separate for one of the studs, trying to locate the post now If you use instagram his user name is @e30Europarts or if you use facebook they were posted on the r3vlimited page
  10. He's already got one with a whole car, mans is hoarding parts for everything lol
  11. That is a steal! Great buying with all the right bits
  12. It finally came out of the garage after all this time to get ready for some nicer weather I should actually drive this more.
  13. What are these worth these, I've been trying to find one for a while but it seems they've binned or no longer work. So looking overseas but seems expensive for a radio?
  14. Hey Guys, I'm on the hunt for some E65 style 94's if anyone's got some floating around or knows of some available let me know. Cheers
  15. I Have a set of style 66's (17x8 and 17x9) with bridgestone potenza re003's if interested
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