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  1. i just got this is non running condition, no it doesnt
  2. iv got one, i can check the condition next weekend for ya. its in dunedin tho, flick me a txt on 021357663 if you want to discuss more
  3. hi just wondering what a m20 885 head is worth? iv got a m20 i dont need any more, and was thinking about selling it. but cant seem to find any prices to get an idea of value. anyone got a clue?
  4. http://imgur.com/a/nEBfa
  5. blew up my suby, needs funds for rebuild 1990 318i manual bmw no wof/ live reg needs windscreen and other stuff for wof will ONLY trade for a good ej20t in dunedin
  6. body is pretty good condition, just a couple little bits of small rust to be fixed for wof but honestly if this isnt sold by the time my forry is done, i will be cutting up this body to fix up the rust in my coupe
  7. 1990 facelift 318i in dunedin no wof, live reg needs windscreen, tlc, little bit of rust sorted for wof 1.8 manual. wont select 2nd or 4th, pretty sure its something to do with the shifter $750 or swaps for manual e36 or wofed manual subi
  8. sweet cheers! iv got driveshafts and everything, this was all outa my parts car
  9. does anyone know if a getrag 260 off an M20 will just bolt straight onto a M40? and if so, are the splines on the clutch plate the same?
  10. no loom also means no cluster as well
  11. *photo aint uploading atm* black 1990318i sedan rolling body no lights/grill/running gear(engine, gearbox,driveshafts,radiator,diff,cvs) and side skirts are being kept as well no loom plates are on hold, disc brake rear end,need gone in bout a week will still have diff/cbs if i CBF removing them over easter looking at round $400
  12. depends on what it is... FYI a stripped car body for FREE is in the "too hard" column for them...
  13. that is exactly the sorta page dirty south is, except trades are sooo much more common than wanting cash(that iv seen) but its where i swapped the crashed 318i for the 323i XP its possible to get great deals on them aka, thrashed to with-in an inch of its life, my brother took my old subi down to get a trade for a car, up til THAT point it hadnt been thrashed. at least on the plus side it didnt die before the trade was done
  14. who buys cars off trademe?? sure its [probably]safer for missing out on real lemons, but its free to use forums or facebook and rather than ALWAYS buying, people seem more keen to trade, plus the cars seem to be cheaper!
  15. well guys, ended up getting it! got a few rust spots, and sunroof dont work, but other than that pretty good!
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