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  1. Well done Daniel, you'll enjoy it!
  2. Here's one for US$8495 on Ebay. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1990-BMW-3-Series-Wagon-/201943127094?hash=item2f04bf9436:g:YXsAAOSw9OFZL2Hr&vxp=mtr That's nearly $20k landed in NZ!!!
  3. the price is only because i have to put one in. i really don't know what it is worth
  4. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=1339658347&permanent=0 On Trade Me. Reserve met. Interior pix added............ M40, 5 speed manual. We have owned the car since 2002, 15 years. 172 312 kms when we bought it now at 312 000kms 4 tyres are all new this year. All servicing kept up to date. WOF till September Reg till July owners = 4 1. BMW NZ 92-96 2. Jerry Clayton BMW 96-97 3. private 97-02 4. Dawsons Catering Limited 02-current Don't know what it's worth and there aren't any others to base a price on. On Trade Me. Reserve met. Interior pix added............ Plates available for additional consideration.
  5. Sorry, can't find any pix with the Hardtop on the car.
  6. OOPS! posted to the wrong message!
  7. Still on the car and lives in Mt Eden. Stands for 2002 which is what it was first on.
  8. I have both front and rear in mint condition with mouldings. I can email pix to you. Send me your email.
  9. Several have commented on the wheels so here are 3 pix. 325 with X-spokes before body kit. 320 Touring with X-spokes from 325, now the BMW Club safety car. The Terrific Twosome at home about 6 - 7 years ago!
  10. Including yourself, no doubt!
  11. Only the spare is still the 15" Cross-spoke original. You can still buy replacement wheels from BMW. Show us some pix of yours then we will know how good it is. E30 M3s will never be 20k! Looking at your birthday, my car was registered in NZ 1 week after you were born! LOL!
  12. I still have the cradle and the hoist mechanism although it needs a new cable. Hardtops are probably more useful in colder climes but can still be very beneficial in our wet winters. True story that this car will be an enthusiasts weekend ride and not a daily driver. Looking at your birthday, my car was registered one week after you were born! LOL!
  13. Hi Graham, I don't think I do but will search and see what I can find. Probably in print pix, not digital, so will have to scan when I can if I find one.
  14. Hi Jon, I've had a look at the comments and it is good to see the level of interest and enthusiasm for the car but, with all due respect, I think the comments are based on the commentators experience of their own or other cars which I don't believe would even come vagulely close to the condition of this car or it's level of specification and history. Add to that the hardtop which is irreplaceable today and when new, was an $8000 extra cost option. This was a NZ$100 000 E30 in 1991. I know this as I sold this car to the first owner as a new Tourist Delivery to be collected in London when I worked at Team McMillan BMW, and yes, the factory did incorrectly install an MPH speedo in the car. After 3 months of travelling around the UK and Europe the car arrived in NZ with approx 5000 miles on it and the owner was not fussed with changing the speedo to KMs. I bought the car when the first owner traded it in 1997. I have known this car from new and have owned it for 18 years but now have other projects I wish to pursue. I know of only two E30 Convertible hardtops in NZ and the other one belongs to a friend of mine who has owned his car since new in 1989. This is a very special car and any new owner will realise it quite soon. I am not rushing to sell her as I don't need to and while one might say that the market will determine the price this is a situation where I will not meet the market expectation. I have indicated the price that I am prepared to accept for her above. Cheers
  15. Someone must want to own this one-of-a-kind E30 Convertible. Check it out on Trade Me http://www.trademe.co.nz/a.aspx?id=839018875 $20 000
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