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  1. SOLD! Admittedly a while ago, been fairly absent so sorry I didnt see the price warnings earlier. Im a bit slow
  2. Hi Bimmersport, Want to stand out from all the other wagons on the market? Want a E36 that is different to the rest? Look no further than my beloved E36 Touring. A perfect car to keep as-is or start working your magic on. Due to work being less than 2km from me, I need to downsize and unfortunately that means the techno-violet touring has to go! Specs: -M52B28 with a Getrag 220 -239,XXXks (Will go up as its my daily) -Factory M-Sport (New diffuser on the rear) -M3 Mirrors -New clutch, master and slave cylinder 2 months ago -Interior is in great condition! Minus small tear in driver's seat -All electrics work perfectly -Polk audio front speakers -ZHP type light up shift knob -Digital Voltmeter -Has had new crank, cam & temp sensors, changed TPS, cleaned ICV. -Armrest and....cupholders! -17" ACS wheels -Subtle lowering -Monsoon guards -Does not come with the strut brace, will come with standard OBC Plenty of power to get you round. Makes a nice noise on overrun.The only issue is when it gets to temperature, the idle hunts. Has taught me to heel toe so take that as you will. I have my next car lined up so need this gone ASAP If you have any questions, fire away! Can do a deal if you don't want the wheels. Will come with 3 months registration for the new owner Located in Auckland More details on TradeMe http://www.trademe.co.nz/browse/listing.aspx?id=1301945762&/listing?rfm=1 Thanks!
  3. Not a lot has happened lately, But we will try and get those E46 325i brakes on, and maybe the LCAs. Oh I did score a half cage! With some modding itll fit great! Needs to be triangulated and a harbess bar put in. But that points us to the direction of harnesses and that means not road legal without being a pain so let's see what happens. Wheels to get painted ice white, and the smokers teeth yellow wheels will be gone.
  4. More photos of today's progress, and after a quick interior clean she's looking good! The battery the car came with had dropped a cell for sure, thankfully a friend of mine (thanks Nathaniel) had pulled apart an mx5 and found its battery sitting underneath a pile of stuff in his garage. He kindly gave the battery to me and while much smaller and lighter, it works perfectly with the car! We had to fiddle to make the battery stay work. Battery was a lot smaller and a bit taller rated for 300cca, initially I thought it wouldn't work but after being hooked up to life support, the trickle charger worked and it turns the car over with no arguments! Win Maybe people will start taking my advice from now on? Note where the wiper is parked
  5. Between you and I.....I still don't know where to start. But cheers for the kind words!
  6. Our new push button start system on the budget build, WATCH OUT, MARTY HAS ACTIVATED THE LAUNCH SEQUENCE TO A NUKE....... This removes the need for a key, and yes the first 3 switch flicks were not necessary.....but were necessary to cool cool. One of those aux switches manually switches the stock aux fan on high speed. Enjoy!
  7. Rohil

    Drive Tribe

    Anyone use the new Drive Tribe website launched by Clarkson, Hammond and May? I find it an intuitive platform for uploading bits and pieces, i can put my some articles iv been saving for when we finish our website. Id recommend getting on there, theres a lot of 'car porn' (think Petrolicious type stuff) Anyways, follow us if youre interested: https://www.drivetribe.com/t/S5qfhKtKROOLPy5sjP4TmA/WJllLjWLQH-X5sCnNL0Kxw and the E36 Car Club here: https://www.drivetribe.com/t/DHD1xgAZQuK6jiADVVEWlg/AQAte8yrTEWS5Om0PV4B4w Look forward to seeing you out there!
  8. So, Drive Tribe is quite a good platform in the mean time while we work on a website, iv uploaded 2 of my articles so follow if you've joined: https://www.drivetribe.com/t/S5qfhKtKROOLPy5sjP4TmA/WJllLjWLQH-X5sCnNL0Kxw This weekend ill get a better video and photos of my delete panels and my now working start button. I scored a legit Recaro SR3 for a bargain so ill replace my current Recaro LX in the car with the SR3, also got a proper momo steering wheel, its ugly and i hate that style but BUDGET is the key word so hey, itll work for now.
  9. As cheap as that is man, gotta sort a few things on the car and on my touring before wheels unfortunately. Cheers for the offer though!
  10. I think we need more $$$ for that haha as much as id love to! A set of genuine RG's would be more than half what this car has cost us to date. Dont you think cream bottle caps are cool? Lol
  11. Tasty little update: - Bonnet Latches - HVAC & Stereo Delete Panel - Aux Fan Wired Up - Door Cards Tidied Up - Stealth Voltmeter Installed - CBI "Cold Beer Intake" A single word of advice for people who want to install bonnet latches.......................don't Waiting for my switch panel to arrive, iv been annoyingly waiting for a couple weeks now. Need it to wire the switches and push button start because #racecar Door cards are tidied up! Needs some rubber stripping to finish it off Stealth Voltmeter Car runs a bit tipsy must be the 'Cold Beer Intake'
  12. A bit too scripted but overall im excited for the coming 12 weeks, the previews look more exciting than this episode was. Not a fan of their driver as such, a bit over done but hey i cant complain much....THE BOYS ARE BACK!
  13. That is properly clean! Its a shame that it is so 'showroom quality', it deserves to be driven!
  14. Cheers man! It even surprised us to be fair, it was a quick and cheap thing to build. Not sure how well itll work but it will be coupled with an airbox of some sort in the near future
  15. Update: A crafty E36 Cold air intake entered its final stage of production today, executed with a huge amount of finesse. Supply me your headlight and a box of beers and you too could have intake temperatures almost as cool as how you look with a headlight deleted, fully road legal of course as long as you can convince the officer that cold air > vision at night. Also we fixed the stripped bolt on the strut, got the wires sorted for the switched fan (waiting for the courier man, any day nooooow). rear springs are in, found the source of our coolant drip, M-Sport bumper is on and tow strap slot cut, number plate mounted finally, and kidneys are in! All small jobs but they add up to create the final piece. Till next time friends....
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