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  1. Yep, Just got the standard 323i single pipe. Looks real restrictive. Would be keen to put the 328i system on, only issue is my Remus single in, dual out. I have no doubt that the twin pipes would add a fair amount of power.
  2. That's the rear box on the mid section? The first box where the pipes merge into one is the cat right? To noob to figure out how to post a photo
  3. Hey mate I'l hold fire on that, thanks anyway Yeah, I've got a Remus muffler on at the moment and I'm pretty disappointed with it. The difference between it and the standard is pretty slim.
  4. Hey man, Any chance you can post pics? Does the computer sh*t bricks with the missing cats?
  5. Yeeeah, I want to get a flange made so I can chop and change, just in case I do get sick of it as well. Is anyone running straight pipes with the standard mid pipes on here? Keen to hear what it sounds like
  6. Or anyone know where I can get one made? I'm getting real steep quotes from most places I've tried
  7. Hi everyone, I'm after a straight pipe for my e36 323i. Has any one got one they don't want? Or able to make one? I'm just after a fitment that attaches to the standard mid pipe and that deletes the muffler. I also have a Remus exhaust i'd be willing to sell if I did happen to get straight pipes
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