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  1. Breaker

    M4 CSL

    Very few options I believe, it’s a collector car, only 1000 being made so apart from press cars they will probably barely even see road use let alone track. BMW have said it’s a road car first with some track optionality also. Great vid from Misha re talking on his thoughts, pretty accurate IMHO
  2. I see we’re only getting the i7 and no V8s or PHEVs 😕 and it’s long wheel base only
  3. Having had a F10 M5 and now an F01 750i, the seven is bigger but not overly so but has more presence, same chassis even. Definitely quieter and a more refined ride but we’ll balanced and can cut corners way better then you would think, but really they aren’t hugely different. I prefer the look of the 7 over the 5 when it’s in mSport SWB guise and particularly in LCI. You get a lot more bang for your buck in the 7, depreciation is definitely your friend buying second hand. Seats are way better (M5 excluded) Harmen Karden system is amazing!
  4. At 105kw, you would expect to have at least a 240v basic charger installed to feed it, that would give 7kw/hr minimums. Based on everyday use charging to 80 or 90% from say 10% your realistically only putting 80 kw in at a time, 11 to 12 hrs. I doubt many owners would come back one day and need to do more then another 450ks the next. Oh and cost to charge at 19c kW, even to 100kw (vege maths) $19. Not what I’d call a concern. RUCs are likely to be exempt for a new owner, rightly or wrongly till well past 2024 which is the current exempt period so for most new buyers, they’ll never pay a cent for their 3ton tank. oh and of cause theres a M60 even faster one coming!
  5. Breaker

    E32 750iL Bargain?

    I remember in the late nineties a supplier to us had his reps and himself in E32s, got them about 5-8 years old. If you where good you’d get a 750 otherwise a 735. He reckoned that it was worth it, cheaper to buy then a new Corolla at the time, gas was cheap, he’d get a good warranty and be balling it 😎😂. His staff retention wasn’t a problem either 😉
  6. Off for a WOF, no issues, that’s always good. Had ongoing battery problems, the whole twin battery idea makes it challenging, got a new top battery last year and it’s not survived well. Shop took it up with the supplier without asking, couldn’t get a replacement as no longer made by them, so they got me a replacement Bosch. Can’t complain at that service and effort for me. 😁
  7. It is a beaver isn’t it, I just don’t think a ‘kidney’ grill can translate to something that large. Unlike a Audi or Lexus, the kidneys are all out of proportion. Does the iX need a large grill, I’d say yes for styling, just the kidneys are a struggle on this and most new BMWs unfortunately
  8. Your spot on, the cost of ‘Green’ hydrogen through electrolysis uses huge amounts of energy and electricity so you need vast cheap electricity to make sufficient usable hydrogen. No technology will change that physics equation hence why I believe EVs will remain the prominent light vehicle option as it just doesn’t work for heavy transportation whereas hydrogen will. But then you look at ship and air craft transportation solutions and things start getting very tricky to get emissions reductions, if that is you driver for moving from current options.
  9. Yes we had the option to lease one of the first 15 units, but life cycle costs at $750k for the 6 years didn’t appeal. There will fuelling in Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton to start for the golden triangle traffic, then likely a Palmerston North install.
  10. The major heavy vehicle players are all looking hydrogen for heavy transport options such as Volvo trucks and buses being predominantly HFCEV mix by 2030. I’m not sure the complexity and poor fuel saving costs will translate to small passenger vehicles where battery capacity for large vehicles it makes sense, most likely passenger vehicles will stay pure EV, easier, cheaper and moderate distances all covered.
  11. Some F02 V12 goodness just released
  12. Cheers, yeah the $1200 transport hurts a bit with another $1500 for a replacement rental, but at least the cars under warranty so that’ll be $500 excess. Just push on with the holiday ! Makes me appreciate the 7 when you’ve done a few hundred kms in an outlander, yawn
  13. On our South Island roadie, down to Whataroa outside of Franz on the coast and had the rear air bags go. No warning just total loss of air. Had about 15ks to run at 40ks tops. Got it shipped back to BMW ChCh while we had to loan a car backup to Greymouth for a rental … yippee. Happy holidays
  14. Cap on backwards, seat reclined right back, fit in with the locals 👍
  15. Congrats, F series is way better then E66. Stunning car, need to see some pics! Although my rear suspension just gave out yesterday so maybe not that much better 🤦‍♂️
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