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  1. Yip, done all this and full suspension refresh on my 1999 E38, once done you can forget about the and focus on the next replacement part needed though 😁. Great work, looks lovely
  2. I’ve put a couple of these in now, firstly the i3 and now the F01. Basically no brand things about that money, Both are great and I would recommend. Great having wireless CarPlay. And really not complex install, especially compared to that wiring you’ve just dealt with !
  3. Extension from LTSA for work and Regos due to COVID again. https://www.nzta.govt.nz/about-us/coronavirus-disease-covid-19-services-update/documents-with-temporary-extensions/
  4. I’m a big Powerlock fan, always great results
  5. Comparable to its competition and the X5 pricing it’s not what I’d call overpriced. It’s a technology showcase as well so will lead a heap on new innovations that will flow across the brand. Spec sounds really high as well. Range is very strong. Direct competition eTron 55, EQC is to small and a ix3 competitor, Model X and iPace. Similar eTron spec and power and ipace are both $190k mark. Model X can’t get currently. While the styling is polarising and not what I would class as pretty, I remember the same conversation around the E60 some time back ……. I kinda like it But not as much as an iPace from Jaguar 🐆
  6. So after being away for a transmission rebuild and to address the driveline shudder at the same time, today she is back ! It’s been forever for various reasons but now she’s back. Albeit my wallet is significantly lighter. Fantastic difference having the trans and drive line back up to spec, that’s mounts, driveline, trans and all suspension and bushings replaced now. Finally next job is paint tidy up. Headliner and rear shelf, I have a few parts to get in on the next free weekend as well. Probably need wheels refurbished as well …..
  7. Look forward to seeing and how you find it, good on you 👍
  8. there’s a few you tube videos on it, have had it in i3 for about 6 months, works great. Just connects perfectly between the display and head unit. Have to play through Aux though, but the F01 has great sound so no issues, little noticeable in the i3 but perfectly fine. Once in you can jump back to OEM anytime. Search NBT CarPlay on trade embargo, about $500 for the kit and module
  9. Put a Apple CarPlay Multi MMI box in, improves the NBT and brings the tech up to pretty much current or close enough. easy enough, hardest part is find enough space in the dash for the looms and box, that’s a total PITA.
  10. Got my last ones ex ECS, secondhand E38 regulators are invariably moments away from obliteration and by the time you’ve pulled all the door panel and everything to get to them I wouldn’t want to have to go back and replace again.
  11. To be fair they where more then happy to take my money, who knows what would happen if something did happen of cause, like all things, let the buyer beware.
  12. Should have added ‘so that any recalls and specialist requirements where covered’. I doubt you would ever find out what truely happened in this Instance but being BMW serviced is the best bet to avoid any recall or unattended servicing that should have been done, probably make zero difference, part of the mystery of life Agree the commentary from BMW doesn’t really say anything and feels slightly dismissive and condescending.
  13. I’m feeling happier mine was serviced through Continental Cars now and I didn’t go Indy route.
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