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  1. I am currently doing an engine build on my e30 and i want it to stop good I have a mate that has nissan skyline brakes 4 pot front, 2 pot rear with adaptors for sale with rotors. but they will not fit behind my rims, but will these be a good thing to change too ?.or is there any other good brakes that will be a easy fit and i will not have to change the rims ? 16x9 et 10, i have heard good things about wilwood but cant seem to find any where in nz who has them to fit e30 any help is good help thanks )
  2. update- i have got my self a garrett TA3410 , T3 flanged, manifold should be done mid next week, 45mm wast gate. 3" dump all done by Sinco customs, will also be picking up Mishimoto radiator and intercooler supplied by Euroturbo, should be getting the head back for the m20 in the next week so i can start putting the motor back together, will most likely run 272 cams but at this stage it is still ideas.
  3. dream set up would be m30b35 turbo, but i want to keep this build semi low cost and the m20 was there so i took it, i have a custom inlet manifold etc so will not look like a bone stock m20 with a turbo on it
  4. got the 2l out today, and will now start on laying everything out for the new motor in the new few weeks i hope
  5. after owning my e30 for around 6 months, i wanted to make the car my own so i have decide to do a m20b25 turbo build on my 1990 320i, i bought the m20b25 and have gotten it completely striped and ready for a full rebuild, this will be a slow process but at the end it will be worth it
  6. Joshua_R


    after an e30 m tech 1 spoiler any colour not fussed cheers if you can help
  7. I am pretty sure those are off a golf,
  8. do you not like those lights ?
  9. new to this page and still learning, but i am josh, i drive a e30 320i as a weekend cruiser, i bought the car a few months ago off a guy that is on this page his name mite be _brs_ no sure tho , cheers will try post photos if i can work out how
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