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  1. After some standard trans mounts for my e36. Thanks.
  2. Anyone have a sc14 supercharger for sale?
  3. Want to buy the bell housing bolts to fit a manual e36 transmission. Or just the two long m12x90 bolts. I’m in the middle of a manual conversion and two of my bellhousing bolts from the auto trans are too short. located in Wellington cheers.
  4. Are the automatic bell housing bolts different to the manual bolts? cheers.
  5. Has anyone tried out the DKM clutch kit ? Just want to know if it’s quality. thanks.
  6. Want to buy a clutch and flywheel kit preferably with a solid flywheel. located in Wellington. thanks.
  7. Do 318i have the same manual setup ? Thanks for the reply .
  8. I’m based in Wellington, after a manual conversion kit to suite my 325i e36.
  9. Sweet I'll see how low it sits tonight.
  10. Sorry if this is a dumb question but I installed yellow speed adjustable suspension on my e36 and was wondering how I can adjust the rears?? It isn't sitting low at all in the rear with the spring adjuster at the very bottom. Is it legal if I remove the adjuster and just use the spring? (It's sitting higher then it was with super lows)
  11. Will do thornburn, haha settle down guys. I haven't been here long, first time trying to buy off this forum.
  12. Want buy E36 M3 exhaust manifold to put on my 325i. If we agree on a price there will need to be a trademe listing created with a buy now for that set price. (only if the item has to be shipped) Cheers.
  13. I'm keen on getting it now haha, All these good reviews about them. Did you need to get a different manifold gasket or did the stock gasket work for the m3 manifold? also is there any modification needed? Cheers.
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