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  1. If you want to do that it would be a few hundred dollars to get a SMG wheel. But they way I wanted to do it was leaving everything untouched which is why I did it that way.
  2. I have done a write up on how to do that as well but on the n7carputer.freeforums.net forums. but in the end personally for mine I keep the battery in and did a modification to it so it is trickle charging to 85% when the car is off so it is always charged Don't have a picture of my 2013 mod, but I basically did the same to my 2012 which you can see here
  3. Yeah thats just a digital dash, it doesn't run android or anything. You use them in racecars. We use one in our V8 Touring car
  4. I just realized my post messed up and all it did was quote yours haha. anyway what I said was. I really do need to make this update video because I am using his kernel now (I am actually friends with him) and I am using a n7 2013 now as well. After my exams finish (around the end of june) I will make an update video. because I am 100% happy with what I have now since I dont have any weird issues or any little quirks that bug me. Thanks for your post
  5. @Gabe79 if you like Arduinos, look at my latest thread Also you have any 2013 n7 there?
  6. @zero thats quite interesting, turns out it's just a tablet (like mine) but it's a app that his ECU made, so it's purpose built which is quite cool!
  7. Got any details or the link to that setup? Looks quite interesting, actually quite interested in the screen/tablet
  8. Yeah it's awesome, I have it hooked up to torque as well, and since the other mod is fully custom, you could fully program it to do what you are suggesting. The 7" tablets fit perfectly in the E46, but I mean you could put an iPad pro in which is basically the same size as a tesla screen (Crazy big). People have done that with an iPad pro before, although not in an E46. The app I use for track days is called RaceChrono Pro. It is an AMAZING APP and I would fully recommend it. But if you are in the area or at any meet coming up I can show you it all in more detail.
  9. As good as the stock speakers. So it pretty good. if you want to make it even better, you can just hook up a amp and sub etc. (Also I need to make another update video as I have changed and upgraded a bunch of stuff)
  10. Oops, sorry. I have just fixed it now. Try again
  11. $20 Paddle shift mod for E46 Hey everyone, so this is my 2nd tutorial that I have made, this one is so big I have had to make it in a google doc. You can click the link here to see it: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1_uIysl8MAggFXkyNoxysgtepTupBn3YlqNbVqsmAv7c/ So sorry if I missed anything, there was a lot for me to remember. if anyone gets stuck or has any questions or suggestions, please let me know as this can be quite confusing. Anyway I hope you liked this tutorial.
  12. but running it without it connected with my hand over the hole will confirm that this is the problem if it doesn't make the sound, correct?
  13. Will try that when somone else gets home as I need a 2nd set of hands to do this. Will keep you updated
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