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  1. Black E39 M5 on Apirana ave. Thanks for the little wheel spin at the roundabout.
  2. Nice! I lost my licence twice thanks to GTiR + Young, dumb and full of cum. I should have invested in an E30 M3 instead.
  3. I have a funny feeling Rose city cars will be listing this for $60k in the coming weeks.
  4. GTiR? Nice! I had one in my boy racing days. Ran 15 psi on practically a fully stock car and it used to pretty much blow everything else way including a mid 12 sec evo 1.
  5. Contrails

    My NewToy 635CSi

    That is gorgeous, especially in that color. Any interior shots?
  6. I am looking for an armrest for an E46. Must be grey leather and in good condition. Thanks.
  7. Ireland engineering has rep Alpina wheels (4x100) and a staggered set.
  8. I think it would be worth it. It’s a brilliant car. The gearbox prices will slowly keep increasing so might as get it done now than say in 4-5 years when the parts will be more difficult to find and labour costs will go up.
  9. Interesting to see the prices of 318i autos in the UK market. Most are starting to go into the 10,000 sterling mark asking price. Maybe it’s the winter season but E30s seem to have gone into hibernation from trademe.
  10. That old ‘Black Friday deal’ trick. Put the prices up leading up to the sale and on the day show a big discount. PB tech has done this a few times.
  11. I would recommend the Cayman 3.4 over the Boxster and one in manual. Might get lucky and find one for $40k. But will probably have to budget for IMS repairs. Edit: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/porsche/cayman/listing/3113812752?bof=7qPz3mUt E46 M3/E92 M3 or Z4 M coupe. M240i manual? I think if you wait a little longer, these will drop in prices.
  12. Mate, the Birch trim is epic and especially suits the colour of your seats!
  13. I am definitely using bimmerwork from now to decode vins.
  14. The vin (WBABD52020PM09452) comes up as a Left hand drive. But also as a National version Australia and radio Oceania.
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