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  1. Tech 1 lover here too! When I bought my tech 1, there were two tech 2s for sale. The Tech 1 just looks so much more classy. But if I was searching for a touring - tech 2 kit for sure. What are your plans with the Tech 1 convertible? I hope you can put it back on the road.
  2. G'day, I am searching for L&R side 51mm Shock mounts from an ABS model E30. For some reason my 325i has 45mm, I am guessing one of the previous owners changed to a 45mm. Cheers.
  3. G'day, I am looking for a rear bumper for an E28 M535i (mtech kit). Preferably in Diamond Schwarz if I win lotto. Regards.
  4. That's debatable. One can easily argue that even if his application was processed correctly, he could have still obtained the licence - especially considering that he did not have prior convictions or was known to the authorities. Secondly, the Terrorist himself was interviewed by the Police and was still granted a licence. If that sentence doesn't highlight the flaws in the system to obtain a Gun licence, then I am wasting my time posting here. It was indeed a Human error to have missed the prevention of the Massacre. A Gun range owner had warned the Police about the terrorist, yet they failed to check up on him. The problem is not one officer making an error of judgement but the Terrorist managed to slip through quite a few cracks in the system. Revision of the Gun laws is just tightening one of the cracks for the next guy.
  5. September 11 was the first and only time Terrorists used Flight training to train for their mission. But it highlighted a major loop hole as to who was deemed fit to receive Flight training (even recreational). Only after Sept 11, background checks became mandatory for flight training. How many law abiding citizens take up flight training? They still have to put up with the new rules and legislations (at an extra cost). Airport security became a pain to deal with and go through after Sept 11. But it was necessary. How many terrorists have airport security managed to catch/stop so far? None, but every law abiding passenger has to be screened the same way. Same way this was a first 'White Supremacist/Terrorist' committing an act of Terrorism in NZ (the Christchurch shooter was not known to Authorities prior to the attack. Some might argue that he was a Law abiding citizen then). The Christchurch attack exposed the fact that the Gun laws were way too relaxed in NZ. Yes, it is a pain for you law abiding folks to have to put up with the new rules and legislations (just like dealing with the security screening at an airport). But it is helping to add another filter to make it harder for Terrorists/Gang members to get hold of weapons so easily here in NZ. These are only reactive measures to make it harder for the next guy. The Terrorists will always come up with new ways to cause harm.
  6. Well, I am gonna get the ball rolling and take the piss in the Q&A.
  7. Shouldn't you be asking that question to the people handing out Firearm Licences to Terrorists and Gang members like hot cakes? There was a youtube video showing how easy it was to get a Firearm Licence in NZ just after this massacre had happened. Might have been taken off cos it was a proper caught with your pants down moment.
  8. I think it should be mandatory for a person applying towards a Gun Licence to first have a Psychologist assessment. I remember reading that this is the law in Japan (don't quote me on it). In saying that, judging by the amount of half evolved Chimpanzees driving on the road these days, even Vehicle licence applications should require a Psychologist and Basic hand-eye co-ordination assessment.
  9. Lovely colour too!
  10. Weren't you looking for a new car Kyu? 😜
  11. The M5 wheels are just plain wrong. That colour is a bit elderly so to speak but with the right wheels and kit, you could really set it off.
  12. Looking for one seat only. Auckland based.
  13. I did suspect that. But I sometimes tend to be as clueless as a Choir boy in a Whore house.
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