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  1. Nah went in the skip a few days after the post.
  2. I sold a mk5 cortina with 298 watchers and 9000 views - only 4 people came to view after 3 weeks listed. I also sold a projector that had 151 views and 6 watchers - sold in 3 days. Only need that one person.
  3. Burns the natural gas to create either steam or other hot gases that turn a turbine. Its a producer rather than a load, unless you are pointing out that the article said it was a load somewhere?
  4. Ye of little imagination
  5. Someones who’s multi million dollar mortgage just got a whole lot more expensive.
  6. There was a thread on here about it, i remember saying ‘someone please buy this ill pick it up from you in x years’
  7. Just run on e85, i used to claim my c63 used 2.5 litre per hundred of petrol… and conveniently left off the 14l per hundred of ethanol. Cant get it from gull anymore but can buy in drums.
  8. All free, goes in the skip shortly. pickup only.
  9. Pickup hill park Manurewa goes in the bin shortly all free 4x bmw rubber mats - believe to be e39 as they came with my e39 but i never used them so cant remember. nav system and 6 disc external system from 1999 bmw e39 japan import (think its missing the disc holder) pretty good condition e39 leather handbrake grip, may fit others pre obd cable connector unused single engine mount for a 318i m43 plastic (not fibreglass) rear windscreen upper spoiler for bmw e39 requiring painting. Was a chinese ripoff of a european item.
  10. andrewm

    Quick rant thread.

    Through renovating 3 places i have been adding to my list of things to ‘not screw up in a new build’ and near the top is 1000mm wide doorways. These are the largest standard sized doors offered by most manufacturers and cost $24 more each vs the 810mm standard last i checked.
  11. Replaced the valve cover gasket and spark plug gasket with new OEM replacements. Added a spot of black rtv in the half moon edges as per bmw instructions. Remaining issues only the indicator stalk for replacement and possible new drivers mirror to get fold function back. Will give it once last chance on here once at an appropriate lockdown level and then trademe it. I cant wait for “would you take 3k cash today!” As if 3k potatoes tomorrow was the alternative.
  12. andrewm

    Quick rant thread.

    Im in Manurewa and in lockdown 1 I could go for a 10 minute walk near the botanic gardens without seeing a single car on the road and at night it was dead quiet. In the last days of this level 4 i would see over 150 cars driving past on this same walk and there is some pretty clear parties and gatherings. Im not at all surprised to see the continued spread in south auckland with my anecdotal experience.
  13. The branded glass polishes work but because they are a single stage abrasive they are relatively weak. If you dont have a proper buffer you will probably be looking at 15 minutes per window for moderate improvement or 1 hour per window of hand polishing for total removal. If you can acquire a buffer preferably with a hard foam compounding pad or similar you can do this perhaps 5x faster.
  14. one goes while the other one has big end bearings done and then they swap for an oil service interval
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