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  1. I like to watch the 15 seconds or so where the timed 1/4 mile occurs. The other 9 minutes 45 just gets skipped.
  2. 13.6 second 1/4 for the m5 shows it was in p400 or shagged. Should manage mid 12s. 12.2 seconds for the 440i is a sharp time.
  3. Afraid not, after i spent 15 minutes climbing up the cliff i could no longer see it. I told the towie to bring the ‘extra long rope’
  4. After driving one off a cliff, i bought another.
  5. A few companies have renders ‘fixing’ the g80 design. while i think the below front looks better, its also a bit more boring being the usual design.
  6. Somebody save me from putting this on trademe... $6000 firm.
  7. Be interested to see the rise in this over the next 10 years as the amount of cars you can hammer a flathead into the ignition and go rapidly drops off. Will car thefts actually drastically reduce or will hijackings become far more commonplace? Time to enable that 'lock once moving' feature
  8. I think ill hold out for the M IX50 blackfire M heritage edition
  9. I thought it said 25k and thought it was not a bad deal, the i realised 75k... Why would anyone get this over a 2016 m2/m3? Its not like it has classic appeal or anything.
  10. E85 Not coming back to gull. NPD100 appears to use octane boosters that have caused issues, theres another thread here on it.
  11. A couple of places do 200l drums, they are about $800 each though and you are supposed to have a compliant dangerous goods store. Have seen 20l but was over $100 + shipping.
  12. $6000 firm Selling my wifes car as i have bought her a cx9 and my driveway doesn't accomodate 3 cars very well. Will be sold with fresh VTNZ wof, atleast 4 months rego and fresh oil and filter. One very well looked after bmw x3, washed with two bucket method weekly, waxed every 2-3 months as well as 303 rubber protectant. Car has done almost all long distance runs from Manurewa to far west auckland and back 5 days a week for last 5 years. I was a detailer in a past life and the paint on this for its year is immaculate. We have owned since 2015 and 48,000km and have done the following maintenance - castrol 5w30 every 8-10,000km - drivers door lock mechanism replaced at 150k power steering fluid reservoir drained and replaced every oil change 2x transfer case fluid services with correct bmw fluid Discs and pads x2 with fluid coolant at 100km front lower control arms at 160km transfer case actuator at 135km spark plugs at 50k and 120k air filter x 3 Hankook ventus tires most recently at about 152km new front kidneys to be installed before sale battery around 110km Im sure there is more I have forgotten. The bad - indicator stalk stuck on recently and after i pursuaded it it to undo it no longer turns of when turning the steering wheel, you have to flick it off. Google says indicator stalk can be replaced by itself. - Drivers power mirror has ceased to fold in and out - possible valve cover gasket leak has started, i keep the engine bay clean and see a bit of oil around valve covers. asking $6,000 ono located in Hill Park Manurewa pm for phone number.
  13. If its got synchros its an auto. Granny shifting, not double clutching like you should.
  14. I was going to say why isnt there a category for smg/dct type transmissions but then I remembered how good people are at trademe. If you’ve ever tried to search for a ‘station wagon’ you will understand as you trawl through 90% SUV’s and people movers, most of which arent even dual listed.
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