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  1. Cheers for the feedback everyone... going to check out a 3.0 X1 in Nelson over the weekend (for comparisons sake) and will have a look at the 35i at Turners next week probably... I don't think there's much upside (for me) in going diesel; I simply won't do the mileage. Also need to do something about shifting my A250 and my Vespa too - looking at Tard Me it doesn't seem there's much turnover happening in the used market at the moment.
  2. Cheers Neal - a CX5 was the other thing on my radar (funnily enough) though had thought the 2.5 rather than a diesel as per above.
  3. Yeah that's what I thought... they've actively stated 2WD multiple times. Muppets.
  4. Mostly 5-10 mins... though I do usually take the scenic route so it at least gets up to temp. Every few weeks a trip into Newtown (from Lower Hutt) for chemo... and aside from that the occasional trip to Martinborough. I've always assumed diesels are great for long hot running but less great for the kinds stuff I do. I've nothing against diesels at all but have never really thought of them as the right option (for me).
  5. I do mostly short short/local trips... not a lot of decent hot running aside from a trip over to Martinborough every month or two. I've always thought that'd be bad for an oil-burner?
  6. Thanks Kyu, sounds positive. There's one local to me so I might try and have a look at it this week... wrong spec tho - no sunroof. It's also listed as a 2WD which seems strange for a 35i, all the others seem to be Xdrive.
  7. I've tried the search but haven't come up with much; well, anything. I'm going to sell the awesome little A250 Sport and get something that's easier for me to get into, and more so to get out of when I'm fatigued/sore from chemo which is about a third of the time... anyway, I don't want/need something big (smallish parking spot and it's almost always only one or two people in it) and I don't necessarily need an SUV/SAV for any particular reason other than something higher is much easier for me to live with. Took the Merc for a service a couple weeks back and the loaner was a Rangie Sport - and it was a breeze (and no, I'd never consider buying one - haha). So thinking about smaller SUV's doesn't bring up a whole lot - I could sell the Merc and get a lifted version of the same car that costs more (GLA250) but that seems kinda nonsensical and a bit too obvious. Ideally I'd like to go back to six cylinders - my mileage isn't huge and something that gives a bit of fizz is the preference. So I've kinda landed on a 2nd gen X3 - probably a 35i... doesn't have to be X drive though the vast majority are. They seem to be an M135i with less performance (more weight) and shitter dynamics (more weight) but I won't exactly be driving it on the limit so neither a major issues for me. Budget is pretty much what I sell the Merc for and possibly my 2018 Vespa Sprint 150 too (if anyone is interested in either hit me up)... so low-mid 20's, the lesser the better really but I wouldn't consider a first gen X3 because oink. If anyone has any real-world experience of them I'd appreciate any pros/cons... whether they'll relate to me and how I'll use it or not. Open to other suggestions too (and yes, ML63's are cheap and high on fizz and depreciation but I don't need something that big lol). Cheers 👍
  8. An intriguing thought... here's the top five underrated Bimmers having been outsourced by an Aussie bloke (and his mates). Personally, I can't have an X3 anywhere and would replace it with pretty much anything (M135i perhaps?)... (tried to embed the vid but no go).
  9. These are dropping like a stone, and they can't drop much further... such amazing value for what you get. I still miss mine. You (almost definitely) won't be disappointed.
  10. I had a red one of these (same spec) when I lived in Brissy... sure, no ball of fire but a great value little runabout that loved corners and made me learn to be a better driver - slow car fast and all that! Would definitely recommend one of these to anyone considering.
  11. Will look for something if I keep it... but don't want to be one of "those" AMG wannabe guys lol... though a mate did get me a AliExpress engine badge so I'll put that on for the photos when I sell it... just for laughs 🤣
  12. Someone should get Kyu's M135i, then someone else can get the one I had... drives well, good spec - awesome little cars! Agree re the ride of the '45... looked at a couple but they're more hardcore than the M135i... but it all comes down to what you want
  13. Late last year I got a pretty shite cancer diagnosis... so what's the first thing you do? You update your fleet of course! I wanted something fun and with a decent bit of power. Really liked Kyu's M135i but lockdowns were a bastard so bought one locally. Effin fantastic car - took it over to Martinborough a couple of times and it was absolutely brilliant! Pottering around the mean streets of the Hutt - not so much... so much performance but pretty pointless at legal-ish speeds. So, looked at a few other options and decided on a Golf Gti - mid 20-teens vintage. Went a car yard on town that had an ex-Aussie one with a 'roof (luv my roofs!) and the muppets had sold it earlier the same day. Bugger. The did however have a Kiwi-new A250 Sport... good service history, kms, spec; roof, leather, bluetooth - everything worked, so took it for a drive and was very surprised... it was surprisingly fun - and with enough performance, if not a lot. So did the deal, and ended up losing a bomb on the M135i... oh well - I've had a good run the last few years. But yeah; the 250 - worth a look if you're in the warm hatch market... and being a turbo it's relatively easy to stoke the fire a bit more if that's your thing - and get some pretty decent numbers out of them. Mine's bog standard and I'm toying with the idea of a tune and some exhaust upgrades, and swapping out the grille for something less, erm, annoying... but then an A45 isn't much more $$$$, and then I remember whilst I've driven plenty of V8's over the years - I've never actually owned one...
  14. There's no right or wrong answer Jun, you'll do what's best for whatever the circumstances you and your family are in. Timing is a crystal ball exercise... I sold my m135i early in the year and it seems there aren't a whole heap of buyers in the market with cash and ready to go. I've got a mate who is selling a (very good) E63 who's finding the same. If getting top dollar is important there's little evidence I've seen that it's out there at the moment - unless talking collectibles which are a different market again... but it only takes one person - and you need to be in the market when they are. Having seen your car, and how well it's been looked after - if I knew of anyone wanting a good e60 M5; I know the direction in which I'd be pointing them. Whichever way you go, all the best.
  15. Whenever a seller won't respond to q's within T/Me it's a massive red flag... for a car like this it's even massiver.
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