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  1. How's the hunting for a Z3 3.0L going Willie? Or have you by now managed to purchase one by now? 😉
  2. Jon is a great guy, he did the manual conversion on my BMW E36 about 5 years ago, and back then all in all cost me more than $7k! Never again 😟
  3. Lekker soos a cracker bru! ?
  4. I bought an engine from someone in Hamilton about 18 months ago, and he made use of Mainfreight who delivered the engine to my then mechanic's workshop in Newtown. And Mainfreight's price was not too expensive.
  5. This one just came up...looks a beaut! http://bimmersport.co.nz/topic/63944-2002-bmw-e46-m3-coupe-manual/
  6. And that is what I have just bought. Second dash cam arrived early today.
  7. You're lucky Paul. About 2 months ago someone (most likely with a ute + towbar - or something) at PaknSave in Porirua reversed into the back of my E46 330i and left a small dent just below where the trunk opens. Needless to say, the little dent is still there and I shall most likely have to get it fixed at some stage.
  8. Hi, from memory, Al did sell the BMW a number of months ago. I'm still gutted that I never (had the finances) bought it back from him. ?
  9. The registration says it all. In my home language (Afrikaans), "KAK" means "SH*T". ?
  10. I just tried it and for me it works fine. I have a Linux PC and I use Firefox. ?
  11. I'm there with @Olaf as my E46 330i also has the same clunking sounds. After the last WOF (Dec 2018) at VTNZ it was confirmed, both front arm bushes need to be replaced before the next WOF. So I basically have 5 months left to have it sorted.
  12. Aaahhh, my old car. Cost me more than $7k including the manual swap etc, and I still hear it from the wife! ? Would love to buy this back, but doing (forced!) house renovations, so that is where the money is going to now. Good luck though Al!
  13. Welkom Jacques, baie mooi BMW (for the English speaking - welcome Jacques, beautiful BMW). My son had the 130i, and that was a beast. Unfortunately I cannot provide assistance here, but I'm sure there are many other Bimmersporters that will be able to help. Groete, Charl
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