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  1. When looking at that E34 it strikes me that design hasn't really progressed that far in 30 years but materials and electronics is wildly different. If I wanted an E34 for 55 grand I would build my own, possibly in the spirit of an Alpina B5. My late night musings while waiting for BBQ.
  2. Perhaps I should reword it. What if your work could be less that 5km from your home? Sure people should still be allowed to live and commute however they see fit but they shouldn't have to. When I lived in Auckland I couldn't afford to live close to my office, I had to buy my first house 20+km away, I would gladly have purchased a place which would have reduced my commute. Looking back perhaps I should have bought an apartment, but I've been conditioned to want a 3 bed standalone house with land attached. I also specifically mentioned commuting for work purposes. Save the traveling for recreation activities that you want to do, that shouldn't have to change. What I'm suggesting is reducing the travel time and expense for productive activity. In doing this you either have better productivity, more personal time, or more efficiency, or a combination of all three. If everyone was able to save $100 on their weekly travel costs, that could potentially be fed straight back into more productive retail business.
  3. Not saying that everyone can or should do it. But what if you could live within 5km of both of your jobs allowing you to walk or scooter or something?
  4. I agree that there's very few if any affordable locations in NZ anymore. But for sustainability I was meaning more around the issues of poor design that have compromised the cities. Specifically in Auckland poor infrastructure, poor land usage, council bloat, overpopulation, lack of transport. Very tough or maybe impossible issues to solve. Spread some of the load to other cities to allow them to grow, alleviate some of the pressure. For off shoring. Sometimes yes, often no. Depends on the job and the company ethos. Issues with offshoring: Poor communication skills. Culture clash. Time zone issues. Outcome quality. Other stuff...
  5. Agree with the first part, you gotta pay to play. Personally the price of petrol doesn't really affect me at all. The rest is exaggeration and scaremongering. Passenger cars have a light footprint regardless of their power plant, it's trucks that f**k the road to pieces. I'm not against EV's paying RUC but they aren't going to impact the roading any different to existing passenger cars. NZ society needs to stop commuting for work in passenger vehicles. It's a colossal waste of time and resources. I used to spend 2.5 hours a day in Auckland traffic and spend $150 a week in petrol and I now do the same job remotely and live less than 1 km from all essential services (Supermarket, doctor, day care, school, takeaway, service station, hair dresser). I get that not everyone can work remotely, but you should be able to live close to your location of work enabling you to travel on foot or via public transport. This ideal is currently out of reach for many people in the main centres due to out of control property price increases and that's a real crime. Thus i suggest abandoning Auckland and Wellington for other more sustainable cities.
  6. I don't plan to buy any time in the near future but my next car will almost certainly be electric as fossil fuels are going the way of the dinosaurs. I might keep my weekend toy for a while though. If I was buying now I would probably just get a cheap petrol car to last a year or two as I think we'll start to see cool stuff then. I live in a city which isn't a complete disaster from a transport perspective and also have very little need to commute or travel more than a few km's at a time. I encourage everyone that can to move out of Auckland and work remotely. Auto manufacturers are coming up with some real next generation cars these days.
  7. PS4S on the rear of my car have worn through the belts at 20k. So yeah 18k isn't far off the mark. Fronts probably have another 15k in them though. I'm grabbing some Atturo AZ850s once the shop open again, $600 for two fitted vs $1300 for Hankooks and moon beams for anything else. Will report back.
  8. Maybe if you were doing 20k per year on them. Better off getting a cheaper fresh tyre though.
  9. Yeah RS4 or C63 are newer, better, cheaper.
  10. Yes but the 335i had the N55 instead of B58.
  11. If I was after a boring car, this one would be real nice. Great color, interior and B58. If only it was a 540i https://www.trademe.co.nz/3381569364
  12. Yeah i'm not sure that's fixable... I think there's more air than chassis left and what's left would dissolve in a cup of tea like a super wine if you tried to clean it.
  13. Not that many. I would hazard a guess at 1 in 20 being manual for 335is Much more 135i manuals out there. Transmission isn't weak.
  14. Sadly, the country is full of the people that haunt trade me.
  15. Probably an E60/61 at the moment. Big enough to fit the kids and they look better than the other models of their generation. Would go 550i if it wasn't for the valve issues. Probably a facelift 530i would be the go. Although, a tiny tiny bit over $10k nets you a F10/F11 528i. As a utility vehicle I would get one of those.
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