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  1. I think 300hp would be enough to have a balanced drive. Any more would start to become too fast for a fun NZ countryside outing.
  2. Wowsers. I don't so much care for the wide body but the rest is sweet. https://www.sundaydrive.co.nz/vehicle/1989-BMW-3/6605?s=1
  3. Looks nice to me. Throw a warranty on it and go for gold.
  4. Compared to a Highlander, yes they are horribly unreliable and expensive to fix. Compared to other BMW, only a bit worse that average.
  5. Cool. The polish might work better on dark colors or cars with light scratching. I found polish gave a deeper finish before applying ceramic. Polish was much harder to apply and remove. Ceramic is stupid easy to apply.
  6. My old E55 was like that.
  7. That gets you a brand new Maserati! Or get a brand new Alfa Giulia Veloce and save 60 grand. Not station wagons I guess...
  8. It was 10.x on the trip meter when it was commuting in akl. Mainly Emma driving though. Funnily enough the 535i gets the same but much better on the open road, down to about 8.0 average or as low as 7.0.
  9. I have Fireball Hydrophobic Snow Foam. It's OK, I certainly wouldn't rave about it. I actually think Meguiars NXT wash leaves a better finish. I'm sure there's better stuff than Meguiars, but I am "lazy" and on a budget.
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