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  1. GorGasm

    E46 330i Touring

    Love that interior colour.
  2. Just get a 740i and give it a tune. Great car for the money.
  3. Depends what special is to you. I had an E60 M5 and It was pretty good. Moderately special I guess. Granturismo S - Only gripes are the seats, sticky old sh*t in the interior and having to deal with Winger Maserati. Average joe's look at you like you are special AF. https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/maserati/granturismo/listing/2963245208?bof=bgMRwpqY -911 if you don't mind automatics. -There was an Alpina B7 for sale a while ago and that looked quite nice. This looks pretty sick, but I'm not sure it's properly special: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/audi/listing/3019594564?bof=87YvckiS
  4. GorGasm

    BMW vs E10

    I heard Gull 98 was 87 octane mixed with the spice melange. Seriously though, not hard to check the SDS. Gull Force 10 is 98 Octane made up with 95 and ethanol. Has worked fine for me for a decade or so.
  5. GorGasm

    BMW vs E10

    Use Gull 98 in my cars. It's 30 cents a litre cheaper than BP, they can keep their overpriced petrol to themselves.
  6. You could have had that, and the F10 550i touring on TM for a daily .
  7. Many of the above points are valid. But I think people with an emotional connection to an E28 number very few.
  8. Perhaps Contrails alternatives of an E46 M3 or Z4M would have been better suggestions? My point was meant to be that there's cooler cars available at $40k, hence I think the value should be lower. The exception to that being the person that MUST HAVE E28 M535i!i! regardless of price. At which point they could charge $60k. E39 M5's pop up now and then and I'm sure you could hunt down one of the E34 M5s if you tried.
  9. Could be the pics hiding the fine detail, but it certainly looks mint! Great colour combo.
  10. On the basis that there is a lot more in the BMW stable available at $40k. You have E34, E39, E60 and even F10 M5's available at that price point. Personally I would buy an Audi B5 RS4 if I was in that market. I would have a think about that E28 at $20-25k.
  11. I think some of you might be missing that M3AN doesn't actually care other than for curiosity and adding value to the community through shared information. I think he was alluding to there being no point to keeping the valuation secret. Of course you are entitled to keep you information secret for whatever reason, valid, rational or not. Paying for a valuation doesn't create a privacy issue by the way.
  12. Rubbertree probably has something. Although the ones I got for my Maser are ever so slightly too big which is annoying as they bunch up. https://www.rubbertree.co.nz/product/75324/all-weather-rubber-car-mats-to-suit-bmw-1-series-e87-hatch-5-door-2004-2011
  13. TBH the GTR beats them both out. Its comical how close they are
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