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  1. Ah I remember putting a pod filter on my old twin cam 91 Maxima, it was good times, sounded great. Funny car as it had as much go as a lot of performance cars in the early 00s. Aftermarket filters make zero or negative performance difference, but sound so good!
  2. Had PS4S, found they were a bit noisy and harsh. Great grip wet and dry though. Swapped to Atturo AZ850s for less than half the price of PS4S and they are just what I need. They aren't as grippy at all, but have enough grip and are comfortable. Won't be 130i sizes though as they're meant for big rigs. My BMW is running LK03 and they are great, even better considering the price. Good all round grip, quiet and comfortable. As mentioned the only downside is they appear to be wearing quite quickly. I'm finding you actively have to search out the cheapest, shittest, tyre to have a bad time these days. Even some of the Chinese tyres are decent now.
  3. Yeah I remember a TV show where they mangled the headers and dynoed the same or better. In the case of my E55 one of the pipes needed a bash to clear the steering column. Probably dropped from 500hp to 499hp or something. Thing was making like 800NM so I was far too busy managing traction to notice any power difference.
  4. Had to dent my e55 headers for RHD. Made SFA difference to the headers.
  5. What a piece of junk. Ain't no barn find, it's scrap metal.
  6. Not sure where 2592P comes from, suspect that's an M52/M54 part number not N52. Catalog only references R2673, BMW part 11427566327 for N52. It also pays to order a few from ECS or TMS or somewhere. Much cheaper.
  7. Haha that's a sweet package right there. Downpipe, LSD, and tune and you got a pretty darn good package. Creeping to M235i money but that would need an LSD too.
  8. Had the same on my M5. Replacing the regulator on those is done blind by feel as the alternator is down the bottom of the engine and the regular is on top of the alternator.. Seems to be a common theme on the S85.
  9. I reckon Sedona red probably looks better in the flesh. Here's 156 photos of a Sedona red one https://carsandbids.com/auctions/KYobMJ5w/2011-bmw-135i-coupe Same with white leather as well probably.
  10. N55s apparently had a manual option but I'd expect that to be super rare. A 135i manual is gonna blow a 130i away. I had a 130i auto and it was pretty boring. Cool stuff costs more money. On Trademe the white one in Timaru or red one in Wellington are my picks.
  11. Lots of nice N55 DCTs, which could be a good trade off between Auto/Manual? Have had an N55 for 4+ years now and only had basic maintenance required. The market is flooding at the moment due to increasing interest rates/increased cost of living, so you may be able to talk people down. It's certainly much harder to ask top dollar when there's 3+ more of the same car at the same price. Earlier in the year there were hardly any Maserati GTs for sale and no 4.7s below $65k. Now there's heaps and a few below $65k.
  12. I couldn't figure out how they would get 621 hp out of an already highly strung 500hp engine. Turns out it's a 5.5 litre version.
  13. Still prefer the 540i touring x drive on TM. All the benefits, less than half the price. Although it's got mileage on it. Have seen some low km ones though.
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