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  1. Read up on the Japanese financial crisis. It f**ked them for decades.
  2. Pretty much everything i have owned, since I made big losses on everything. Stupid car itch that needs scratching.
  3. Well blow me down, the 728i is apparently faster 0-100 than the 730i.
  4. Did one of those actuators on my M5. Part is not cheap, but a fairly easy DIY job.
  5. Looks nice but I remember my dad's old 730i V8 being slow. I can see a 728i being positively pedestrian.
  6. Got a quote from Classic Cover over email for less than half what I am currently paying. Will certainly pursue but will be sure to read the fine print. I'll occasionally drive the Maserati and park it on the street for work, and it goes to the shops and the like, but the majority of the time it will be in the garage at home.
  7. Yeah when I bought the car I was ready to replace them as soon as I drove off the yard. But I gave them a couple of weeks and some wet weather and they have been perfectly fine since then. It gave me cognitive dissonance, how could these cheap crap Chinese tyres which I know to be bad actually be good. I don't push them at all though, so maybe i just don't get anywhere near their limits?
  8. Provident at the moment. They're OK I was just trying to get a sharper price.
  9. Eh, the servicing isn't so bad. It's like having kids, no one tells you what the REAL problems are before you have kids. I can handle puke and stinky poos all day but 3.5 years (and counting) of putting your own needs aside is taking it's toll. The real problems with owning a Maserati: Having to deal with Winger Maserati. Insuring a Maserati. I had a 90 minute conversation with State about insurance, asking questions like "how much experience have you had with high power cars". I had to kindly explain to the lady that the Maserati is a 4.7L V8 and my last cars were a 5.0L V10 and a 5.5L Supercharged V8 and that supercharging could be considered the same as turbocharging for insurance purposes and that both were more powerful than the Maserati. She was obviously just parroting the information on to the underwriter on the other line. It would have been much more efficient to just conference the underwriter in. They eventually did offer insurance, but they wanted $2400 a year and had silly exclusions like no glass cover and no other drivers. I stuck with my current provider. If I went and bought a nearly new Alfa Giulia worth 10k more the premiums would be about $1000. Such a messed up business.
  10. Yeah I'm very close to needing two rear tyres for my 535i and hyper have 4x 255/40/19 Hankook Evo S2 for about $1150 fitted. That is cheap as chips for an upper mid range 19" tyre. The Triangle TH201 (LOL) I have on there at the moment are about $600 for 4 :o. I have been pleasantly surprised by these, they were new on the car when I got them and have done a decent job and lasted 25000km so far. So tempted to get them again at half the price of Hankooks.
  11. Petrol cars have become much more efficient in the last decade and RUC has increased, which has narrowed the gap. My 535i can do 8.5/100 outside of Auckland making it about 20.5c per km. It averages about 10/100 in Auckland. Can't be arsed paying for RUC and the N55 is plenty grunty. Diesel would still the go for big rigs and towing though.
  12. GorGasm

    e39 M5

    Nice, tough toss up between that or a B5 RS4 for me.
  13. GorGasm

    new purchase

    and BMW. LOL. I have PTSD from the BMW warning ding noise.
  14. I actually really want this: https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/motors/cars/alfa-romeo/listing/2615447681?bof=UyalmtjY I'd even consider paying the 10 grand, but I just don't need another car now that COVID has legitimized 4 days a week at home.
  15. In my mind front end camber would directly affect braking performance?
  16. On the topic of adjustable coilovers, I had 2 sets on my some of my Subaru Legacy's and they were AMAZING. The Legacy already handles as well as most BMWs anyway but the adjustable suspension improved both the handling and the comfort. Around town was firm but not jarring and on the open road at 100 literally everything was soaked up, it was SO much better. These particular units were a niche Subaru specialist brand called Prova though and had nothing more than a basic install and alignment done. Height was maybe a little lower than factory but not much. On the same note I had Ohlins coupled with Swift springs in one Legacy and they were so hard that they were dangerous, no traction at all and braking distance was terrible as it would skip over the ground. I'm not sure what the likes of BC and KW are like in BMW offerings but when I looked at M5 suspension they consensus was that KW was much better than stock. YMMV as always but I suspect a KW setup would do a decent job of things. Certainly my experience has shown that BMW do a pretty average job of suspending their cars, probably cheap $$ targets, cheap components and a weird desire to have adjustable suspension modes from comfort to sport.
  17. GorGasm

    GR Yaris

    It's all about the Daihatsu Chirade GTti sound.
  18. GorGasm

    GR Yaris

    I'd prefer the Mark X GRMN.
  19. Thanks for the info. Know how it goes, once you know what skeletons are in the closet you can't put them back in. I'm almost tempted by yours but I think i'd probably spring for a turbo one. I would be using it to punt around Hamilton and commute once a week to Auckland.
  20. FK510 or PS4, both are good. If the FK510 are a decent amount cheaper then get those.
  21. Good work as always. What do you reckon from a fun/driving perspective? I really miss aspects of my old manual TT Legacy and I have an itch to get one of these but I am not sure I can justify it if I'm not going to go to the office. They would appear to be a lot of fun.
  22. High drain might be nothing. Just check if it comes back. Unplug the IBS cable first if it does.
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