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  1. Yep I found them to be a great car to drive apart from the tight space (bigger than an E87 though). In the end I bought an E60 M5 instead, which might hint that the 135i just wasn't special enough. A 135i would be a totally sensible purchase, 4 out of 5 from me.
  2. They're just doing what they and their tuners support. They could wrangle a S65 in but who would figure out where the wires go? I imagine it would be much tougher in AU to find a BMW guru to integrate a BMW engine in.
  3. Yep, the Maserati box is better at everything except parking and cost of maintenance. Just dont reverse up a hill.
  4. Maserati can go for the right price. I need to do the clutch first though and I doubt I will see change from 10 grand for that. :s.
  5. I have come to the conclusion the best cars to buy are the ones I am selling.
  6. Good dealers are the exception. I remember when I got my M5 It would CEL after a hard run due to a faulty ionic control module (knock sensor). I diagnosed the fault myself, proved it by swapping it to the other bank and in the end the dealer said to go to AC BMW. AC BMW couldn't fault it but took my word for it and replaced the ICM. The dealer had to give me his CC number over the phone to pay for it, man I could hear him cringe when they said the price. I also wanted the wheels balanced and aligned as it was driving pretty lumpy. They said they fixed it but it was still lumpy. I eventually got it balanced and they took a whole pile of weights off as no one had re balanced it in ages. It was a complete ball ache to deal with. I have had very few good experiences. The only one I can think of was a place in Mt Welly near the old Moyes.
  7. I meant blocked from import, not applied to stuff already here. Something like SIVs would do the job. Century is arguable... There's some real junk coming in, tidy junk, but junk.
  8. I have two 10 year old cars and I consider those pretty old. 1990's 4WDs and other fad cars should be blocked immediately (looking at you Toyota chasers, centuries, crowns). They are destined to become junk that we have to look after. I have no issue with M3s, Supras, GTRs and period classics.
  9. Potato phone picture. I took the kids out to the playground on Saturday.
  10. Also just looking at pics of my E55 and M5 make me cringe with remorse.
  11. One of my best sorted cars. Amazing ride and handling, 6 speed, 3 litre flat 6. Hard to believe this was 10 years ago:
  12. GorGasm

    E61 Wagon Project

    Yep you can leave the IBS unplugged. https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/78058-impact-of-leaving-the-ibs-disconnected/ Yep you can code it for a non-AGM battery. Can't remember the exact size I got for mine, cost $350. E B080 BATTERIE_80AH //80 Ah-Batterie E B090 BATTERIE_90AH //90 Ah-Batterie E B110 BATTERIE_110AH //110 Ah-Batterie E A090 BATT_AGM_90AH //90 Ah-AGM Batterie (SA536) E A080 BATT_AGM_80AH //80 Ah-AGM Batterie
  13. GorGasm

    E61 Wagon Project

    Also unplug the IBS cable. I got a 100AH non-AGM battery in my M5. Just coded it to the car. Saved a couple of hundy over an AGM.
  14. Read up on the Japanese financial crisis. It f**ked them for decades.
  15. Pretty much everything i have owned, since I made big losses on everything. Stupid car itch that needs scratching.
  16. Well blow me down, the 728i is apparently faster 0-100 than the 730i.
  17. Did one of those actuators on my M5. Part is not cheap, but a fairly easy DIY job.
  18. Looks nice but I remember my dad's old 730i V8 being slow. I can see a 728i being positively pedestrian.
  19. Got a quote from Classic Cover over email for less than half what I am currently paying. Will certainly pursue but will be sure to read the fine print. I'll occasionally drive the Maserati and park it on the street for work, and it goes to the shops and the like, but the majority of the time it will be in the garage at home.
  20. Yeah when I bought the car I was ready to replace them as soon as I drove off the yard. But I gave them a couple of weeks and some wet weather and they have been perfectly fine since then. It gave me cognitive dissonance, how could these cheap crap Chinese tyres which I know to be bad actually be good. I don't push them at all though, so maybe i just don't get anywhere near their limits?
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