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  1. the result of some race track action lol
  2. 12months in the LS e36 and its been a lot of fun, ive been fighting the car with various small issues, i guess to be expected when modifying a car this much with little experience. After some digging around i found that the cheapest Tyre option was to run 235/18’s. It was a mission to get them to work with decent geometry and the ride height i like (style still matters 😂) and with the amount of angle the car now has. Over fenders were key.
  3. My E46 M3 Manual. It was a rash decision to sell it (due to health reasons) and 12months later it sold again for $15k more! I would love another one but are now pretty much out price range 👎🏻
  4. After the tyre incident i learnt my lesson and pulled what good kit i had off my 328 and dumped it into the LS, fixed it up and booked another day, determined to learn track 2 at taupo ( link all the drift sections). Was pretty nervous heading back out again, esp coming in hot to the dip where i had the crash, but persistence pays off and by the end of the day i was linking the full drift section. Its a weird uneasy feeling going 90+ kph sideways. IMG_4091.MOV
  5. Haha, yes i enjoy looking back at those and thinking about all the things i did wrong. Great learning experience. Got back out there for another run after that.
  6. With the car rubbing bad in the rear decided to lift it via spring adjusters, then put a smaller profile tyre on and went back out, the difference was night and day, i was able to keep the wheel speed up but raising it had changed the rear toe and it was getting zero side bite, combine this setup with trying to learn drifting at speed and..well... IMG_1162.MOV
  7. With the LS1 car build i pretty much used what i had on the shelf rather than rob the 2.8 car for its good stuff. This was a big mistake, the softer rear springs and shocks cause excessive rubbing on the guards, this caused all kinds of issues when on and off the gas and transitioning. Something had to be done... to be continued
  8. Lol, theres plenty of backwards, maybe should have just left em like that
  9. Sure are. It was mock up mate. Good eyes though
  10. While the intention was to keep drifting cheapish and cheerful it was hard to not to want something with more cylinders, but as we do i love BMW’s and the E36 chassis’ are so cheap and plentiful. Only one solution really, engine swap. This had been on my loose plan for a while, and research showed a lot of work and effort involved in a BMW v8 swap, for not much gain. So when a LS1 swapped coupe came up with a 1/2 cage and T56 i jumped. It was a gamble but the price ($12k) was what it would cost me to build one. Turns out it was rough and poorly done, but the running gear was ok and it saved me 6months of work (add that into the equation and its a win whatever way you look at it lol). So it was chopping, welding, etc to make this thing semi workable for drifting day.
  11. Hey mate, did you end up running these wheels? Would be keen to know how it worked out
  12. Hi folks, would anyone have 17x11 or 10.5 Wheels? Or a lead on some? Friend picked up some 17x11 Arrow wheels for his e36 (yes mental i know) and is looking for at least another pair. 5x120 stud pattern. Any help would be appreciated
  13. Rego on hold. WW2462. will try and get a photo later this week
  14. No, cage hasnt been painted. Homologation shouldnt be an issue. Feel free to show photos to your local cert guy. Anymore detail you need Let me know
  15. Sorry. $2500 rolling shell.
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