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  1. Nice looking car, love alpinweiss.
  2. Yikes. Who is their local carrier?
  3. I don't know about reps, but the originals weigh 11kg Look amazing though
  4. Daniel

    WTB - E30 Coupe

    The blue one in Auckland on TM? Yeah, it had an asking of $6500 and iirc it was withdrawn by the seller the same day it was posted. DMWBMW, looked extremely tidy.
  5. @Dogballs any rubbing at all? Looks great.
  6. Saw this thread during research. Might as well add this: BMW Wheel Info and Tech Tips (bimmerworld.com)
  7. As some of you may recall, I spent a good amount of time deciding on my ideal car back in 2017. After advice from some members here, and a lot of test drives of different makes and models, I decided on an NZ new 2003 330i M Sport sedan. What a car. It was my first BMW, and it was a lot of car for a little money. Quite different from the Starion, Galant, and Diamante I had owned before. Fast forward about 8 months, and she's sitting outside parked on the street, nothing doing. The punishment? Getting totaled by some genius speeding through a tight windy road at midnight, while drunk: 😭 That's a two car park, and it was in the back space with the handbrake fully engaged... look how far it ended up from position one. Weitz Industries ended up parting it out. After that I wasn't active on the forums for a while, starting different jobs, doing some travelling, family stuff, etc... A few years on and I'm in need of a car again. After a lot of time-wasters, morons, and liars tried to sell me their vehicles, I was getting royally pissed off! 🤬 Anyway, long story short, I found my second BMW. The handsome twin of my earlier chariot; another NZ new, 330i M Sport sedan. The first two hours of my trip home, I put it to the test on those long winding roads between Hamilton and Turangi. She didn't disappoint. The silky smooth inline six delivered when asked, and took to the corners beautifully. After that it was starting to get late and tiredness was starting to settle in, so I took it relatively easy for the remaining four hour drive. Overtaking was never a problem, and cruising at 100kph is incredibly comfortable for a sports sedan. I could ramble on, but I think most of you are familiar with what great cars they are. It does need a few things, but that's part of the fun right? Yeeaaah... it was a good day.
  8. Daniel

    Quick rant thread.

    The astonishing amount of incompetent sellers on TradeMe. Appalled at the amount of morons, time-wasters, and straight LIARS. Twice in the space of two days I've been in contact with people who claimed that their cars were in perfect working order. Upon receiving the latest invoices from their mechanics they each needed $1500+ spent. Like, it literally says it. You told me it didn't need anything, then you gave me the paperwork to prove yourself wrong. What is wrong with these people?
  9. Working with a budget of up to $5k leaves me with a little set aside for insurance against unknown immediate concerns. I'm quite skint at the moment so I'm after something that won't need anything urgent in the next, say, 3-6 months. I don't mind getting something that needs some work, just one that doesn't need work right now.
  10. yeah decided that way this morning. Thanks for educating me on the unreliable temperature reading on the dash btw @Eagle I wasn't aware of the useless buffer. Cheers @Allanw too, I've made a mental note about having the gauge changed on any future purchase.
  11. Independent BMW and European Specialist | Auto38 | Wellington, NZ (auto38bmspecialist.com)
  12. I'd be pretty excited if that was on the way to me, too... Nice one.
  13. 2001 BMW 530i 530I M Sport | Trade Me Motors I wouldn't be paying his asking price. Needs new head unit, dash pixel repair, and nasty crack in the bumper. 3 private owners since imported in 2012. According the guy, the last private owner had it 4 years and the one before him, for 5. Current owner is a smalltime RMVT who buys from dealers and onsells both privately and to other dealers. I suspect that it's been very well looked after for some of it's life, but that the last owner was negligent or lost interest when he decided he was going to trade it in. Still deciding between PPI and walk away. Leaning towards walking.
  14. Thank you for the responses, much appreciated. Coolant check was performed when completely cold. There's no service history, but I had budgeted for the cooling system overhaul 3pedals your breakdown is great, cheers. Based on that, it seems likely to me that: it has a faulty sensor and coolant has been overfilled in response. or it has a leaky HG. I highly doubt any recent maintenance, and can therefore pretty confidently rule out improper bleeding. Now I just need to decide on a PPI or walk away. Still confused about why the warning would occur only after turning the car off and not during driving, but I have a better understanding of the situation now. Thanks all
  15. Hi team, I'm in the market for a car, and I've just looked at an 01 E39 530i. As I was unscrewing the cap to check coolant level, it started overflowing, and I could feel the bobber being eager to be free from constraint. The amount that overflowed wasn't significant. The guy said he had driven it for an hour, part of the trip being a large windy hill (this was yesterday). I suspected that a little pressure buildup wasn't too strange. Anyway, I took her for a drive and there were no warning lights or anything, temperature sat where it was supposed to be. In fact, she drove beautifully. On turning the car off, it then told me to check the coolant level... It seems strange to me, as, if there was an actual problem it would tell me that during driving, right? My question is, is this easily explainable? I understand that the answer is likely to be "get it checked out" but I thought I'd ask here first anyway. Probably should have taken photos for reference, but I didn't. TIA.
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