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  1. Yea that’s me 😂 Monthly drive to the shops and home!
  2. No way that sold that quickly at that price!…. 🤔
  3. Hi All! Most models I see on TM are under 100,000km, I’m assuming there is probably a reason? What should I look for when buying a 4.8L V8 650i? TIA! Jed
  4. JBM3

    E46 M3 Decat.

    Could I use either of the 2 pipes pictured as an equivalent or have I got the wrong section? From agency power, still sitting in my closet from when we did the CSL air box install, never seen day light since lol.
  5. Hi All! Partner is looking at getting a 130i, anyone had experiences with them? Are they maintenance heavy? Any common issues for this particular make to look out for pre purchase? Thanks!
  6. Anyone got one? Part number pictured.
  7. Just cut the muffler out bro if you want it louder (Like you have) If you want a faster car just buy a 335i bro, don't spend any money on intakes ect waste of time and $$$
  8. JBM3

    Oil Analysts

    Want to test the oil in my E46 M3, pure curiosity, see where the bearings are at, where can I take it? Live in Auckland. Thanks in advance!
  9. My Karbonius CSL intake installed a few months ago for comparison.
  10. Finally got there! At long last as! Will try post some more photos and possibly a sound test over the weekend. Back yesterday and out the same night for my first drive and one I'm sure ill remember for the rest of my days. Induction sound to die for! How it was meant to be. I cant thank @HELLBM and @M3_Power enough for there time, knowledge and putting up with me and my impatience, just a young fella with a vision but no idea how to achieve it - without them it wouldn't have been possible.
  11. Do you still have the SMG gear knob? Is it in good nick?
  12. JBM3

    E46 M3 Parts

    To a certain extent yes, will have the air intake, boot and diffuser. With my own personal touches : Vented bonnet, AP exhaust system right the way through ect
  13. JBM3

    E46 M3 Parts

    Hi All, Selling some parts that have come of my E46 M3, all parts are painted Gun Metal/Dark Grey, Pictures for reference. Bonnet: Comes with stock silver Grills. No Badge. $700 Diffuser: $100 Trunk: Doesn’t come with badge or trunk handle (In red) above the number plate, Has "Lip" on top. $100 Stock Air intake: Just the elbow, K&N air filter (almost new, worth approx $100), filter housing- Doesn’t not include MAF. $150 (will have the manifold available after my CSL air intake has been installed) Have a K&N air filter set up also but that's running in my car will be available for purchase once out, Message me if interested. Looking for offers between $600-700, would cost about $1100 to land here in NZ. Cheers, Jed.
  14. JBM3

    E46 M3 GTR Bonnet

    Agreed! May not be for some, but am keeping the original bonnet so I can put it back to stock if i so choose to
  15. Can definitely appreciate that! Reasons for painting it, 1. Didnt want one panel a different colour. 2. Thought painting it and leaving the vents would make them stand out more and go with the "Grey and Black" theme
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